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A power cut started today on Hewitt Road and other nearby roads. It’s apparently a fault at Green Lanes substation and could take 4 hours to fix. If you’re affected please report to UK Power Networks by calling 105. Get text updates by texting 80876 with POWER (and your postcode)

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I wasn't aware of this, but had a power surge earlier which appears to have killed my powered USB hub...

Power restored by 21:00  

I was quite impressed with the speed of UK Power Networks’ reaction to my report and their frequent and helpful text updates. 

Not for all of us, ours was only back on about 11.30. One house still out probably until tomorrow. They are currently still working removing pavement & debris with large grab vehicle at 12.15. They do seem to have worked speedily though.

If your power is out for a certain length of time (I have 3 hours in mind) you can claim a fair bit of compensation back. It happened to us on Pemberton a few years back and I got something like £75 from them as they have certain performance targets re restoring supply they mush meet!

This voicemail this morning from UKPN.



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