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Earlier in the year a friends group for the Harringay Passage was formed, to focus on the passage and how it might be improved. We'd like to carry out a short survey of residents to find out what people like and don't like about the passage, how much they use it, and - crucially - what they think might improve it. The council have kindly agreed to help us do this because they are keen to see how much support there is for different initiatives, but before designing the questionnaire it we'd very much like to hear other local people's views so that we can make sure we're asking the right questions.

A couple of us kicked this off yesterday at the play street on Pemberton Road and got some really useful feedback but it would be great to hear what HOL readers think as well. The key things we're interested in at this stage are what people like and don't like about the passage at the moment and what they think would improve it. So, for example:

Positive factors people mentioned yesterday included how convenient it is, the fact that there is no traffic, that it links to two schools etc.
Negative ones were ... drum roll... dog poo, litter and not always feeling safe.
Ideas for making it better included more thorough cleaning, looking at the layout at the road/passage junctions, planters on each street, painting the existing bollards and pipes, and street art.

Let us know what you think. And if you'd like to know more about the Friends of Harringay Passage group drop us a line at info.fohp@gmail.com or come to our monthly meeting (third Wednesday of every month at 7pm at the Falkland Centre).

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To reiterate what John D said: 'I think it's a pedestrian walkway and nobody should cycle in it' That's about the sum of it: Roads are for vehicles, cycle lanes (however inadequate) are for bicycles, and pedestrian walkways are for pedestrians, not just the fit and healthy and people who can see long distance but for those of us who can only walk very slowly, are unsure on our feet and feel intimidated by seeing people coming towards us on a bike, or taking over and coming up the side of us suddenly from behind. If you're fit enough to cycle then you're not vulnerable enough to know what it's like. People cycling along the passage make it uncomfortable for some pedestrians and should dismount when going through the passage not treat it like a cycle lane.  

The ammount of large beasts taking their owner for a walk is far more unsettling than careful cyclists that occasionally ride the pavement if you ask me.

You see people literally appearing to shit themselves when those beasts get anywhere near them all the time and don't get me started about the number of cats breeding toxoplasmosis everywhere and killing our wild bird population.

If there was a proper risk assessment done of everything, cyclists would be like tree's, you would try to multiply them to compensate for all the other harmful stuff mostly caused by people that winge about cyclists.

Obviously anyone driving anything dangerously, especially texting drivers should be put in stocks on Duckets common for the weekend, that's a given.

I think there is possibly more than one issue that could be discussed at a time. If we are concerned about making the passage safe for everyone then several issues would have to be dealt with.

I'll be in the Salisbury from 8pm tonight and would love to discuss this with you face to face. I see what you're saying but still you and John D are just asserting your opinion as fact. I don't believe that roads were made for vehicles either so we're sort of on the same page when it comes to, oh wait, you do think roads are for vehicles. Ummm....



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