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Hi Folks,

I am currently writing my MSc dissertation on the Harringay passage, how it has changed over time and the social use of the space. To do this I will be undertaking some interviews with local residents who would like to express their views on the Passage. Whether you love the Passage or hate it, use it regularly or rarely, I would be interested to hear your opinions and thoughts on the space.

The interviews will be relaxed and informal and should only last between 30-60 minutes.

I am happy to buy a tea/coffee/pint whilst we have a chat. 

If any of you wonderful people are interested in being interviewed please let me know! My email address is daniel.nicholson.21@ucl.ac.uk


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Hi Dan, I’m a local catsitter and use the passage frequently on my rounds, both at night and daytimes. I’d be happy to have a chat. 

Hi Lauren,

Great to hear this! Please send me an email so we can organise a time and a place.


I probably would not have time for a sit down interview but happy to do something by email, I have been using them daily since I was born till now (40s). 

Hi there,

Glad you are interested, no worries if you can't do an interview. It would be great if we could communicate via email! My email address is daniel.nicholson.21@ucl.ac.uk


I like really the beautiful Vitorian "stink pipes" along the passage but this is not enough for an interview. I did a dissertation on cast iron public furniture back in 85 and failed to know of their existence but got some from Twickenham, Bethnal Green and Acton. I hope they are listed items. 

Have you seen the little photographic story of the passage?  Here are the end papers and a couple of open pages.  You are welcome to the whole thing if you think it would be helpful.

Thanks Dick,

This looks great, I would love to have a proper look at it!

If you are short of people, you can mesagw me. I've been living next to the passage for the alast 13y



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