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Earlier today the events section of Harringay Online was suspended for normal business. Having now checked with event holders, who confirmed that pretty much all previously arranged events have been cancelled, all events up to the end of May have all been cleared out.

Some event organisers told us that they have morphed, or intend to morph their events to an online version. So, the events section is now open as a coronavirus-era-friendly events listing space.

We're all going to need things to keep us cheerful over the coming weeks. So if you have an event, or know of one that is coronavirus-era-friendly, please share it with your neighbours by adding it to the events listings.

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Hi Hugh and Liz,

Will there be an 'upcoming' or 'future' section to the Events and Listings for the coronavirus era space in the website or Friday Ketchup? 

I've posted event details of a couple of - now online - creative writing courses for Collage Writing Room/Haringey Literature Live which start on 21st and 23rd April respectively so they won't show up as events for the week ahead until about mid April. However, unless there's a way of getting the info out to people in advance of that time, the courses may have to be cancelled as they can only run if a certain number of places are booked well in advance. Harringay Online has been invaluable in the past in getting the word out about the courses in the past so it's really going to impact on us if we can't let people know about the courses via the site.

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear from you.



Dear Haringey online

We are hopefully having a fair next Saturday.  the church is being very slow to confirm but we are advertising assuming we are going ahead.  If you could include us today that would be great


It will be included in our Ketchup mailing if you add it to our event listings section. I'm afraid we can't add it for you.




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