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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Below are the results for the wards which are either wholly or partly in Harringay.

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Seven Sisters results now added.

Tight race then

Do you mean expect the results of Tory government cuts to continue to deprive residents of vital services? 

Both were in their own way, well-intentioned attempts at doing something positive about real practical problems.

But they were it seems, poorly designed schemes and experiments which didn't work. 
I was particularly disappointed that the health aspects of Chicken Town appear to have been neither properly recorded nor properly and independently assessed. 

For Harringay - it seems to make absolutely no difference whether the candidates contribute to HOL or not.

Gina - never.
Zena - quite a lot.

I've always thought (though based on scant evidence) that Gina still represents a real constituency in the ward. My imaginings characterise them as older. Classically a group that would be much less connected and much less involved in social media. It might be the case the she knows her elector groups and serves it well through more traditional means. 

As I've said before I think the main indicator of a candidates electoral fortunes seems to be the party badge they wear rather than their personal record. (I see that Emine was elected in Noel Park with the roughly the same number of votes as the other two councillors, one of whom is Peray Ahmet).

I agree with all your points Hugh.

But would add that David Schmitz and Karen Alexander operate in a pretty similar vein to Gina ime.

Angela in my recollection, as councillors both Karen and David were very active on HoL.

Also can I mention that as a former Labour councillor I sometimes picked-up problems highlighted on HoL and I was in contact with both Karen and David on these.  I have great respect for both of them  and felt that when it came to solving local problems they were always willing to put residents' interests above party differences.

I took part in many Council Scrutiny Panels and other committees, and the same applied with many other LibDem councillors.

It's a shame that Gina can't convince the people who voted for her to vote for Zena too. I'd also say that the UKIP vote (no candidate this time) went to anyone with an English name.

Yes. The momentum purge hasn’t been well received in the more bell weather local seats. 

Now to see if the hard left can actually govern Haringey well or if it’s all about protesting at central Government. 

Bell-weather!? What on earth? You mean the wealthy parts of the borough with a smattering of social housing?



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