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Last Thursday, there was a video meeting between Mike Hakata, Haringey's traffic boss, and local people. Sadly, I was on a flight back from a short break and was unable to attend. I've asked for the slides they used and will share those when I get them. In the meantime, Jim Leedham of Harringay Ladder Healthy Streets (HLHS), has sent out a copy of the timeline slide. I share that below. If anyone else attended the virtual meeting and can offer some comment, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how it went.

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I wasn't on the call (they still seem to be sticking with only inviting those who live there) but that timetable looks optimistic to me.

The St. Ann's and Bruce Grove LTNs have moved very slowly and I think have slipped by a year or so from the original timetable. It's looking likely the Bruce Grove & St. Ann's LTNs work may not even start until July so assessing that impact is going to be delayed.

I was on the call and don't live there. Timelines have certainly slipped. Mike was keen to point out that there is a very ambitious and wide-ranging plan for the broader area and that several projects will need to be undertaken... over a significant period of time. Many of the questions from residents related to short term fixes that were not really in the scope of the discussion, though were valuable in their own right.

'We don't know yet' was a fairly common response to many other questions. The idea of GL as a destination was stressed and remains somewhat at odds with its public transport provision, and the needs of residents. Herein lies the problem of councillors being all things to all people. Though I guess that only needs to happen once every 4 years. 

My overall impression was that rung roads will get significant relief, and that the real fight remains between the two side rails of the ladder - Wightman and GL.

It ought to be quite simple - block all ladder roads at the Harringay passage and make the half roads two way with a turning area and passing points.

"Simples" as an irritating Meerkat always says.

Disagree, what about our friends and Neighbours on Wightman?

Hi John, why worry about neighbours on Wightman ??

As I'm sure you know, advocates for these schemes always state that traffic on the boundary roads will to a great extent simply evaporate! so there simply wont be a problem on Wightman or Green Lanes. Or do I detect some doubt/skepticism regarding those claims?

Oh, and not worried about neighbours on the Lanes?? 


When we know that Green Lanes is safer to cycle down than Wightman Road, we know that there are differences. Green Lanes is much wider and constructed to carry HGV traffic. Of course I feel for the people living above the shops and the potential loss of cafe culture but I'm afraid the exclusively residential streets of the ladder should be the ones getting the attention this time.

Fair point John,

But I do feel for those on The Lanes. When the bridge was closed they took the brunt of the displacement and under all actual and proposed LTNs it’s going to happen again and permanently. 
none of us want another Ella Kissi, which is why I’d rather stop the traffic getting into Haringey and London in the first place, but when it does to disperse it across all streets. 
It’s not rocket science. The problem is both political will and powers. That’s why we end up closing ourselves off in little boxes. 

Oh! And I freely admit that those powers and will just don’t exist. It’s sad!!

Do remember that the council are talking about making Green Lanes semi pedestrianised. No idea how it’s going to work, but I’m prepared to wait and listen to their proposals. 

That won’t stop Anglia, Wessex and Mercia arriving en mass every morning in vans and cars Hugh. 

I think you may be misrepresenting the "evaporating" traffic somewhat.

There is certainly an argument that some of the extra traffic from the closed roads will "evaporate". For instance when the bridge was closed Wightman lost 90,000-100,000 cars per week but Green Lanes only suffered an additional 10,000-15,000.

I don't think there are many suggestions that the current traffic already on the boundary roads will evaporate though.

Because that traffic didn't all go down GL it 'evaporated' did it Andrew?

Just fess up and admit all this is a London wide beggar-thy-neighbour political race. We're all observing it in real time. We all know what's happening. The to and fro of disingenuously interpreting flawed statistics should really be beneath us.



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