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Harringay Ladder residents urge neighbours to join forthcoming traffic meeting

Harringay Ladder Healthy Streets is a collaboration between Ladder residents interested in improving our neighbourhood by taming through traffic. Any Ladder resident can join.

Group co-ordinator Jim from Hampden Road contacted HoL to help get the word out about the group's forthcoming zoom meeting.

Jim said:

We are expecting the next round of consultation for the Ladder traffic project to launch in November.

If we want to see change, improve air quality, reduce through traffic and create safe spaces for our children, we all need to get involved.

So, if you live on the Ladder, please join our next meeting and help secure a greener, cleaner, healthier future for the Ladder"

More about the Harringay Ladder Healthy Streets group on their website.

The meeting will include the latest news on the Ladder traffic project and will feature a guest who's been involved in introducing a low traffic neighbourhood elsewhere in London.

The meeting will be on Zoom at 8pm on Tuesday 11th October.You can register on Eventbrite here.

I would personally urge as many people as possible to join in. Ask questions and express your views so that the traffic measures for the Ladder that are championed to the Council reflect as wide a range of opinion as possible. It's going to be happening here on the Ladder. So, get involved and and try to help shape it or sit by and watch it take shape despite you.

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