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It's with crushing disappointment, and no sense of surprise whatsoever, that I see that the Ladder and Wightman have been left out of Haringey’s Streetspace Plans pitching for TFL funding. They are putting forward a request for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood around St Ann's Ward, though, in response to the problem they have with rat running! In the pitch: "This area of the borough suffers from significant problems of rat running, high levels of congestion and low air quality."

It honestly beggars belief that this area, already protected from rat running from traffic from the west by closing the Gardens is somehow a bigger priority for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood than the Ladder, which demonstrably carries more rat running traffic. It's so counterintuitive as to be absurd. The result of even more streets around the Ladder being closed to traffic will be the inevitable displacement of more traffic on to the Ladder. The Ladder and its traffic, rat running and polution problem seems to be literally invisible to the council and it's ongoing policy, it seems, to surround the entire Ladder, north, south, east and west, with no traffic roads. 

And no school street scheme for either North Harringay or South Harringay primary schools. 

Anyway, here's the website. Read it and weep. Democracy, eh?


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Brigitte, firstly whilst I understand your frustration, if you want to continue to post on HoL, you need to temper your style.

Secondly, I understand how you might feel if you see people calling for car use reduction for everyone else but themselves. But many people involved in these campaigns are calling for a radical 'modal shift' which would see a reduction of motorised traffic on all streets, both residential and mixed-use.

In the meantime, the 2001 Census showed that 46% of households in Haringey do not have access to a car, compared with 37% of households in London. I think I heard that the non-ownership figure has since increased to 66% but I can't put my hand to the date quickly.

The ladder has had one way and loads of speed humps for years to help with traffic and speeds. St Anns has had nothing! Time to redress the balance

Not quite true. Just at the west end of the ward, we have the filtering gates on Woodlands and the complete closure of The Gardens. Of course that’s not to say that more is not needed, but let’s not justify it with fantasy. 

You obviously don't see the cars rocketing up and down the gardens at 60 in a 20mph zone then Hugh.

Back off, Penguin. My first response to this thread was to challenge the premise of the original post. Read it. My last response explicitly recognised that more was needed in St Ann’s. This isn’t the time for playing one side off against the other. 

Woah woah! I wasn't being at all aggressive in my last message Hugh. 

The OP is complaining that St Anns is getting action and they aren't. That sounds like playing one side off against the other to me.

Maybe not, but you were making challenging (and incorrect) assumptions about my point of view, despite what I've written in this thread.  I'm guessing that you still haven't read my original response to this post which challenged the assumptions on which it was based. 

I apologise Hugh. 



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