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New years resolution time is approaching...but the Harringay Hurtle thread has gone all quiet.

Here's another route, from Fairland Park to the Gardens Community Garden, a 10km long run, or, with the shortcut in green just 5km's that skips over all the hilly Ladder roads in the middle. So energetic types could do the 10km route and others the easier 5km one, but still all starting and ending together:

So Jan/Feb to do a bit of practice and then the Harringay Hurtle in March - what do you say?

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More like the Harringay Hirple as far as I'm concerned

Great idea, though a 5 km Harringay Dawdle is more realistic for me.

Two people have told me they'll come along, plus maggie if that was a serious offer to join in, and me...so race on i say. Woohoo.

I've added an event, 9th March 2014, 9:30am at Fairland Park.

Send me an email to register - ant.elder@gmail.com

Register this year for free! In 2014 there will be a small fee to cover printing race numbers etc. Left over money to go on prizes.

And if running isn't your thing, its a hurtle, so do it on a bike or scooter or skate board or however else you like. So come on everyone.

Training, day 1. Back from holidays today so had a go. Being an unfit fatty just the 5k route and no running at all more of a brisk walk - 47 minutes!

I'm training for the Brighton Marathon and would have enjoyed this - but I'm in China on the 9th. Shame!

Still, I might give the route a go on my own one day, if I can remember it! 

Its possible the exact day / route may move. David and Bethany were talking about this before but i've not been able to get hold of them since before Christmas, they may prefer a different date, but i'd hope we can pin it down for sure in the next few days.

People continue to sign up, young and old, including a 4 year old doing the 5k route on a scooter!

Just back from Christmas etc. so catching up with messages.  Still interested in doing it as a proper organised run with timing, measured/verified distance (so that people can have proper PBs (and potentially even records!), no traffic, marshalls, medals/goodies, insurance (and all that other boring stuff) and maybe some kind of finishing festival on Duckett's Common at some point, but there are many ways to do these things, so go for it.  I won't be joining you this time out due to a foot injury that is currently preventing me from running more than about 100m at a time.

[Just editing to say that I don't mean by "proper organised run" that your version won't be properly organised - hope you get the gist of what I mean!]

Yes all those things sound good and i think we can do them. Even if if you can't run right now you could still continue to help make it happen, i'll email you again...

I'm keen ant. Do you think you'll be able to get road closures though? Crossing green lanes might be a bit tricky otherwise!

We'll have to wait to hear what David found out about road closures but i'm guessing closing Green Lanes would be difficult, so i thought we could just use the pedestrian crossing.

With the proposed route there is only one point to cross Green Lanes and thats at the pedestrian crossing between Burgoyne and Caverndish Rd. We could have a marshall person stand at the crossing to push the button when they see a participant coming out of Burgoyne Rd and hope the crossing green man comes on as they get to the crossing. Some participants would be unlucky and end up getting delayed a little by the red man, but it seems easier than trying to close the road. What do you think?

Obviously it's entirely up to you, and probably depends what sort of event you are looking to create, but personally I would avoid crossing a busy road if that's possible. Easier said than done though - I can't think of a route that wouldn't have at least some road crossings.

Coolio.  Happy to help (even if I will be envious of those running!!)



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