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Local honey for sale

I have a couple of hives at the back of my garden in Harringay and the bees have once again produced a lovely runny honey from local flowers. See previous feedback here.

If interested, drop me an email at harringayhoney@gmail.com 

Jar weight: 230g (£5) or 375g (£8)


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This is really first class honey. Read some comments from previous years here.

Thierry, please save me a jar. 

You are welcome to pop around tomorrow between 11am and 12. Thierry.

I got a few jars last week,it's still the best!
Oh that's so cuty ! How do they produce ?! Do you still have some left ?! Could I get a couple ?!

Thanks! I've sent you a PM.

Yum! Thanks Thierry and to all the local Harringay bees 

I'd be really interested in getting a small jar of this honey please - will drop you an email :-)

I just popped around to Thierry's for my second year of his honey and it really is even more delish than previously.  Dear all, do take advantage of this great local bounty and enjoy.

Got my jar on Friday night, it has a delicious floral taste and I would definitely recommend, Thanks Thierry and your army of buzzing bee's!!

I can now confirm the rumors. Yes, this is delicious honey. Thanks Thierry..



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