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Download a copy of the report with the full results below.

The next meeting of the festival group is on Thursday this week. So, if you have any comments that you'd like fed it, please add them before then.

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Being honest, I'd have to say that right now it is kind self-appointed - or the usual suspects + me because I've gotten my nose everywhere. But that's just to kick it off. I'm assured that once it's confirmed, a wider group will be invited to be involved.

It's being co-ordinated by Neighbourhood Manager, Dasos Mailiotis on behalf of the Green Lanes Strategy Group - dasos.maliotios@haringey.gov.uk.
Thanks for putting this together Hugh. Good presentation and summary. I see from comments in the report people don't like that business term 'brand' being used! Will you be removing it?
I noted that reaction from a few people too Matt, with little surprise. I'm quite sure I need to moderate my language if I want to be better heard.

BTW, the term "employer brand" met the same resistance for many years. But once it was better understood it gained acceptance. It's now common currency at leadership levels in organisations.
Yes, Anne as I said in my reply to your message, I'm sure there'll be a chance to get involved.

But It's not my group. It's being co-ordinated by Dasos Maliotis, Haringey Council's Neighbourhood Manager for Harrringay & St Ann's wards, on behalf of the Green Lane Strategy Group.

I'm in there trying to make sure that Joe Public's voice is heard loud and clear.

I have neither wish nor intention to be making decisions that other people want to be a part of; quite the reverse. My recommendation at this week's meeting of the group will be to have, as the next stage, an open meeting to finalise the shape of the festival.

But remember, there's still the proviso that we need TfL's go-ahead.

Dasos' contact info is:

Dasos Maliotis
Neighbourhood Manager
Harringay and St Ann's Neighbourhood Team
Neighbourhood Management Service
2nd Floor Alexandra House
10 Station Road
Wood Green
N22 7TR

Tel: 020 8489 4936
Mob: 078 3722 2914
email: Dasos.Maliotis@haringey.gov.uk
Now what about a Harringay Front Garden Festival where everyone gets up to something in their front garden: a mini-theatre or concert, a game of chess or play session with a few kids, an art installation, a sculpture, portrait making, a hairdressing or make-up service, wine tasting, juice tasting, sausage grilling obviously... Neighbours might get together and work on a common theme or might not. Themes might emerge and lead to a competitive strand or may be not. Everything is free. If, for instance, you make and give away cakes (or grilled sausages) you do it for free because you love your neighbour and all the freeloaders who will descend on Harringay that day. It won't be just front gardens, more substantial happenings could take place in the venues across the area such as the churches, schools, Kurdish centre... There would be no traffic in the Gardens and Ladder, just buses in Green Lanes which would have been saved from an excess of charcoal smoke and sound systems. I forgot, it would be nice to dress up for the occasion, not fancy, just up.
That's a great idea Fran.

Keep 'em coming
I don't actually need a festival to celebrate living in Harringay. I live opposite the Greek Cypriot shop in St Ann's Rd so open my door everyday to a great view and once a month friends of mine come from Hackney and Islington and we eat at one of the great cheap good value Turkish restaurants in Green Lanes, so that is enough for me. That's why I came to live in the area.
I don't need a festival either, but if there is going to be one, it should be different, interesting with potential to become great which would not be the case of a Green Lanes based event. The latter would most probably end up sooner or later in Finsbury Park as Stokey festival did (in Clissold Park).
Anyway, here is another idea: to fullfill the casino side in everyone living in Harringay, every 10 front garden would feature a betting activity, pinball machine, backgammon table... (no money of course).
I guess no one NEEDS a festival, but that's not to say that celebrating together isn't a great thing for us all and for the community.
Margaret, the mini festivals or events, both the GRA and Friends Falkland Fairfax Open Space have had, have been particularly good for the children of the area. A larger festival would be even better.
I see your point about this and it is a good thing to come together as a community, but I am a pensioner with grandchildren living in Newcastle, Turkey and Africa so don't quite share the atmosphere of children's events locally. I go to the children's play areas in the local parks with my Bangladeshi and Somali friends and their children and they have a great time there, do they really need a bigger venue. I am always campaigning for seats and gardens in all the open spaces and parks in Haringey where pensioners can sit and read the paper or just sit and chat and admire the garden as in Downhills Park. Children perhaps get more laid on for them in this borough than pensioners do.
You should make sure that the organisers know what you want out of a festival Margaret. It's not just for kids. I'm certain that one festival theme will be diversity - and that should mean a celebration of us all who live here. In fact at the meeting earlier today it was specifically stated that there is a need to reach out to all age groups, including older folks.

Write to Dasos, get feed in from any relevant groups. Help make it the festival you want.



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