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Has anyone played here before? I've been wanting to bowl for years but haven't got around to it and stumbled across this club one day while looking at google sattelite view.

I notice its also in the recent Harringay People magazine. I can't find any pictures of the club anywhere. Assumedly its closed for the winter?

In my native Australia, lawn bowls has become quite a fashionable youth past time and many of the RSL clubs on the east coast are filled with 20 and 30 somethings enjoy a few ends and some discounted ales. 

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I think you probably mean the Hornsey Bowling Club. To the best of my knowledge, there's no Harringay Bowling Club. 

there is a very active looking green bowling club at Priory park crouch end

Bowls used to be very popular activity in some working men's/social clubs. My dad was in various club teams, he loved it and I used to like sitting outside watching with my half of lager! Sadly many greens were lost when clubs closed down. Would be good to know that there the game is still being played in some venues. If it could be opened up for more people, younger as well, would be good. A way of bringing parts of the community together. But it is a summer sport. 



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