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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just noticed this pub is all sealed up and can't find anything relating to its latest demise. Any info about ??

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Bloody shame. It was a great little pub and to see any long established pub closing is tragic. Guess they just didn't have enough people visiting it anymore. Pubs are facing real difficulties these days as money is tight and habits have changed. 

Don't the two notices by the door give any nfo?

I did take a look but , legal stuff , not a reason as to the real story. I imagine unpaid bills, treacherous dealings, child slavery, just not able to make ends meet. Have a look and let us have your slant, these notices rarely are of much help in my experience of trying to work out how or why a business ceases trading.

I've found out why the pub closed. Thames Water have been continually digging up the road outside and closing that side of the pavement and consequently they didn't have a single customer in months! 

That’s a shame!!! Old school little pub. Let’s face it , they are all going 😥🤦‍♀️🙇‍♂️

Happily that seems not to be the case in N8. But, I am unconvinced by the Thames Water suggestion, as I recall , the pavements don't get dug up and I am a regular pedestrian down that strip for Dunns delicacies. 

The Harringay is not the only one.  The Princess Alexandra of Park Road is also dark and boarded up having ejected the managers in the immediate run up to Xmas trading which seems crazy.  The two pubs, as the legal notices on the doors make clear, are owned by the same pubco.  When the Monopolies Commission many years ago insisted on changing the way pubs were owned and managed it created this situation where the anonymous pub co destroyed the traditional role of the pub landlord...

The Antwerp Arms over in Tottenham bucked the trend by being saved taken over by the local community, North London's first community owned and run pub...

The owners appear to be looking to reopen with new managers.

As with the Princess Alexandra.

Nice to see they plan to reopen but... why close what seemed to be two successful pubs in the first place?  Why evict with short notice the managers running the Alex just before the busy Xmas period - incidentally leaving existing music bookings high and dry virtually without notice?  Must confess I'd feel a bit cautious about taking on either of these pubs with that ultimate "management" in place....



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