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Haringey traffic boss starts Ladder traffic review following engagement by local group

Following the work of the Harringay Ladder Living Streets group, Cllr Matt White, Cabinet Member for Planning and Corporate Services has arranged a maildrop to all Ladder residents. 

Entitled, Harringay Ladder Traffic and Transport Review, whilst it carefully makes no commitments the letter implies that there may be action to tackle Ladder traffic.

Full letter attached below (or read online on Haringey Council's website).

The council web page links to an engagement map for residents to have their say at harringayladder.commonplace.is

But of course, there is also value in also speaking through a group. Please contact - and join - the Haringey Ladder Living Streets Group (www.hlls.org.uk or by email at harringayladderlivingstreets@gmail.com) with any queries, or ask them on here.

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Thanks Hugh

This seems like a positive step encouraging those of us who have direct experience of the roads to comment, rather than leaving it to researchers who can only have at best a snapshot view of how the roads are used. I have added my comments.

Unfortunately the process of reviewing and agreeing with other people's comments is fairly clunky. You have to go in and click on individual comments on a map rather than seeing a list that you can skim down. This is particularly frustrating as, having 'liked' relevant comments now I will have to go back in before the closing date of the 21st of March to endorse comments added between now and then, which will be fairly time consuming as there is no way to filter out the comments that I have already 'liked'. I fear this will put people off engaging fully with the process.

A plea to the councillors - who I know read this site - don't make this a paper exercise where you've done the required consultation but don't actually take concerns of the residents on board. This was very much how the last consultation on the changes to Wightman Road seemed to go. I spoke to several people during the process and any suggestions were batted away and plans went ahead almost unchanged (I think the only major change I noted was the addition on a zebra crossing at the top of Allison Road which was positive but that was one suggestion out of many hundreds).

It does seem very clunky, I've tried to register a few times but the council have never sent me a confirmation email. But a local councillor sent me an email so I replied with my comments to her instead.

Mine went to my junk mail, so you could check that if you haven't done so already

You can see a list of comments in reverse chronological order, if you click on the menu icon in the top right corner, and then "All Comments"

Excellent! Thank you so much.

Haven't we had these kind of map things before? Haven't we had 20 years of tinkering with the ladder to make it more amenable to traffic while everywhere else gets traffic reduction measures?

Yes. People should be sending their concerns to councillors and MP's, not clicking the token button we get handed every year (or do both).

Wightman Road has a protected status as a rat run, with government, GLA and council support. This became clear in the 2017 decision.

However, Green Lanes does require change, cycle lanes and wider pavements replacing parking, along the lines of Palmers Green.

Can I ask you to explain why you think it's seen as 'protected'. Was something specifically said or written that gives you this impression?

I think “protected” because if anything serious was proposed to stop Wightman being the de facto Green Lanes bypass something would then have to be done about Green Lanes.  

TfL don’t want GL touched because it’s one of their strategic routes

Haringey don’t want GL touched because it will cause a hoo-ha with TfL and the traders

Traders don’t want GL touched as they like to park near their own shops and think that people without cars don’t spend money.

That all rings true. But, as far as I understand the situation, Wightman is the council’s preferred choice for the north-south cycle route in the south of the borough. That would presuppose some sort of traffic restriction on Wightman, possibly an LTN. 



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