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Just a reminder to local Landlords that Selective Licensing for properties, within designated areas, start the 17th of October. This applies to single households too.

As a landlord, I was only aware of the dates via the London Property Licensing website.

If you are a tenant, please check that your landlord is aware.


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I wonder why it only applies to the wards on the less affluent side of the borough? 

I've been told there's national criteria and the national regulator has declined some wards / areas for not meeting the criteria. But it does feel unfair to me. Highgate and Muswell Hill do have rogue and irresponsible landlords, too.

I had no idea about this. Worth noting there’s an early bird discount up to 16th Nov down to £350

Yes this is why I mentioned it as unless my tenants didn't pass it on, I had no idea that it had been approved. I has signed up for notifications from london property licensing and this is how I became aware. 

I wonder to whom our landlady will pass that extra cost? What a great idea. So helpful to already struggling tenants.

Jon you can wonder all you like, surprisingly enough there are good landlords out there. Perhaps I should ask my tenants for the 6 months I let them off their rent, when they went back home during Covid!!


Our landlady is a good landlady. However, if she gets landed with extra expenses for being a landlady, then our rent will go up. Quid pro quo.

It's £600 for five years, or was £350 if they got in before the deadline.

So that'S £2.30 a week, max.

Somewhere under 1% of most rents. Means all properties can be inspected and brought up to standard. Landlords have to provide gas and electricity safety certificates. Good landlaords will welcome this, may even wipe out some of the more scuzzy ones. The licence fee is designed to pay for the admin costs of the scheme including the inspections.

if Haringey will indeed do the inspections. I've heard of landlords within the current licensing scheme who have been waiting for 1.5 years for their inspection so far.

Perhaps they prioritise places that have been complained about - including by neighbours.



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