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With local elections in London round the corner, ward-level local political parties across the borough are choosing their who will represent them. Whilst it's not uncommon for sitting councillors to be endorsed to run again without challenge, there are also times when challengers are put forward. 

Both the Harringay and St Ann's ward councillors will face a challenge this time. Mike Hakata, is a St Ann's councillor with cabinet responsibility for traffic across the borough. Haringey Council has a poor record on traffic management and it is way behind neighbouring boroughs in introducing new approaches to reduce rat-running and encourage active travel.

The Ladder, in particular, has been a victim of poor traffic management decisions going back over half a century. Mike Hakata is now apparently promising to tackle the issue head-on. After getting approval for a St Ann's low traffic neighbourhood, he has now turned his attention to the Ladder. Whilst I still have some concerns and questions about the approach that will be taken, Mike Hakata seems to be the best chance we have. it would be a crying shame to see him de-seated by his local party. 

The vote in St Ann's is next week (Monday, I think). So if you are a Labour party member (which I am not) in St Ann's ward, please please do think about making sure that you vote and give full consideration to Mike's importance for the future wellbeing of the Ladder. 

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That will be up to the 20 people at the meeting.

Sadly, to have any say over your council you need to join "The Party" its simply our democracy in action. How that vote goes will determine whether we end up with Joe Ejiofor or Peray Ahmet as council leader. There is simply no point in voting in elections in this borough. What ever your politics we simply get what were given. "The party" always knows best.

Sorry, Its cynical but true!!

Sign up to Labour and vote Andy. You don't have to do any more and you can cancel your membership afterwards. 

There will have been a cut-off date to be eligible to vote - probably long gone. Read John McMullan's old post which mentions this.

Being very involved with the Parkland Walk I've also met Mike a couple of times and had email exchanges around climate change, sustainability, ecological decline and the goals we are trying to achieve, and have found he is very willing to listen and converse intelligently, unlike previous councillors in his role. I would be very sorry if we lost him.

As in other wards, the cut-off for eligibility to vote next Monday was in 2021, so no use signing up for membership now. The shortlisting meeting had around 50 people present, which may represent most, if not all, of the eligible ward membership, as it’s a similar number to those who also met a few weeks ago to vote on re-selection of David Lammy as parliamentary candidate. At least one of those standing for the ward supports renaming Black Boy Lane, so presumably thinks spending around £180,000 on that is better value for money than paying for other things, such as teachers or social workers’ salaries for instance.

Haringey Labour's twitter account seems fairly active and is here @HaringeyLabour https://twitter.com/HaringeyLabour as one route to making your feelings known.

Its a shame one can no longer join Labour and vote for the candidates who will be able to stand in the next election.

If Mike isn't preselected, then we just have to vote for anyone who isn't Labour who has a chance of winning. In St Anns the only feasible alternatives would be LidDems or Greens. There simply doesn't seem to be local support for the Conservatives (unless they put in a heavy hitting credible local candidate). 

What I would love to see is a completely new coalition of independents who, regardless of differences, promise to work together to address the things that actually matter in Haringey and which are core business of a council such as: rubbish removal, parking, local environment, schools etc and NOT identity politics.

Ah. Apologies Robert. I thought you were saying they were the candidates being preselected to stand rather than the ones who'd made it through that process and would actually be standing as candidates.

They have been shortlisted. The two final candidates will be selected next week.

There are quite a few wards where more voters choose not-Labour than choose Labour, but because there is no coalition Labour get in. But if so many of us see so many flaws in Labour how come they do win?



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