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According to the Ham and High, Haringey is currently without a lead member for transport and environment issues:


This seems to be about Peray Ahmet wanting to distance herself from Haringey's current Labour leadership and perhaps make herself more appealing to the Momentumists apparently set to take control after the May local elections.

My immediate concern is what will happen to the various packages of improvements promised after the Green Lanes Transport Study - for example there were supposed to be consultations started on the Endymion Road traffic calming measures before xmas, and also the removal of pavement parking on Wightman Road.

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Future tilt at council leadership perhaps?

There has been a lot of opposition to the Wood Green Area Action Plan from residents groups and a number of community organisations. Cllr Ahmet was left to face the music by the Cabinet.

Housing Associations piled in with major changes to Page High and Sky City homes and ere were no definitive comments on The Sandlings. In addition, the Wood Green Library had its capacity halved by the insertion of the Customer Services Centre. The Mosque and the adjoining Asian Centre on Caxton Road were also targeted as were the houses on Mayes Rd and Coburg Rd.

All this on top of the derided and discredited HDV.

Something had to give.

"Something had to give"? Are you talking about the previous incumbent's desire to address Harringay's traffic/pollution problem?

She's been elusive in her comms regarding ie improvements to Wightman rd, Endymion rd, defended the sharp edged bike racks on Green Lanes because they looked nice, defended the lies around the bike racks at Turnpike Lane being classified as sculpture, defended the christmas free parking initiative, so I believe Haringey is objectively better off with no lead in charge of environmental issues.

I feel that Lyn Garner's Resignation is a very much more significant one than Ms Ahmet's.



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