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The London borough had a record 39,036 cases reported between November 2015 and December 2016.

So that's over 100 fly tipping incidents EVERY DAY. That is absolutely staggering. In Redbridge their anti-litter campaign reads "Litter - the only cure is you". We as residents have to take more responsibility. Yes we can report incidents but we also have to challenge people directly when we see things being dumped. It makes me so angry.

I do!  Though the most recent time was when I was at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre with Goodgym and we were stretching next to the library after our run.  A young guy came up, stepped over us doing our stretches and tried to put an empty cup in the book return slot.  I swore at him - not my finest moment!!

One reason for this is because it is very traversed by people in vehicles from all over. Block Wightman Road/the Ladder as discussed elsewhere in this forum and this will decrease in those areas at least.

Yes, these outsiders with aill their rubbish.  What we want are more border controls . I'm all for a #Harrixit

That may be a small part of it but closing roads is not going to solve the problem borough wide.
......and on top of this the free bulk rubbish collection is being by proposed for the chop. I could weep

Perhaps a bit of work can be given to someone like a student (as part of their studies) to give the data a really close look and maybe start to identify


Never know, it may even lead to some kind of strategy to deal with the problem rather than the willy nilly approach we have at the moment
Well you're the clever one when it comes to manipulating datasets. I work with a similarly clever chap who is in charge of my Council's "Using Data Better" agenda and I think he may be able to give some useful advice. He's off this week because of half term.
I'd love the get my hands on the data but I would imagine be the it would be so anonymised (?) before it was given to a member of the public that it would be difficult to get to the details
Yes you're right...personal data would be stripped out but it's the nature of the incidents that's important not who reported them I'd say...I'm going to do some digging and see what might be made available.

The more detailed data would be good to identify any weirdness (like the odd person who reports every discarded fag end as a fly tip and yes, it does happen) but just started with numbers, dates and approximate geolocation and outcome would be excellent.
Ah yes...I see where you're coming from. In which case pseudonymised data may be the answer. I've made some assumptions about where all the reports originate from; not all will come from Report It. I'm also perhaps guilty of doing what I accuse many others of which is to assume the Council doesn't already do this kind of analysis already. We use the same system so I'll ask my own guys for some off the record advice and take it from there.
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