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Evening all - checking in after a long time away. It's been nearly 3 years since I left harringay, but I'm not surprised to discover that some things have gone down hill.

on one of my visits back to the borough I got a parking ticket. naturally I've appealed it.

naturally, my first appeal has been rejected. I'm sure that they do this as a matter of course.

However the rejection letter has wound me up. notwithstanding the (poor grammar etc.)

it says somehting along the lines of "we've rejected your infomral appeal, now pay up within 14 days or we double the fine. if you don't pay we'll get he heavies out"

nowhere does it say what the actual next steps are - i.e. how to make a formal appeal, or indeed to specify that there is a 28 day limit to pay the fine.

I consider this a form of fraud - they are lying by telling me that to pay up or face action is my only choice.

Fortunately, I've done this before. i've gone all the way to the appeals service and won. and I intend to go back again.

I don't live in haringey anymore, but all of you residents should be angry (i"m sure you are; I was when I lived there). What can be done about it? It can't be that difficult to have a template letter explaining all the options - my only conclusion is that it's deliberate. i'd expect nothing else from haringey

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What were the circumstances which caused the ticket to be issued?

Parked on a Sunday when there was an event on in the park.

I rang the arsenal information line that was posted on the sign and there was no match announced. Couldn't see any other signs announcing an event. Nor did they provide any evidence of such, although in their rejection letter they "confirmed" that there was an event.

I wished I had appealed further now I was given a ticket for parking in a box but the box had completely faded away so nothing was there apart from a tiny bit of line. They have me a ticket I appealed they made me pay then 3 weeks later the box was re painted so it was very clearly a box I was annoyed

Appeal and appeal and appeal. Even if you don't get anywhere there's always the chance that they'll forget to process your appeal in the time frame.

They are so keen for you to pay that (in my experience at least) they'll keep giving you the chance to pay the reduced rate, even after multiple informal appeals, and a formal appeal.

So don't be terrified by the fact that the amount will potentially go up

I think Haringey council's parking notices are not clear at all.

They are so garbled for the most literate ones to read and understand.

As for refusing appeals I think they do that by default regardless whether you are in the right or not.

They know they have the time and the resources on their side.

I hasten to add I have no sympathy with discourteous and inconsiderate drivers chances are they don't get a parking ticket.

You'll all be pleased to hear that I went to the parking tribunal last night and successfully got this parking ticket overturned. Haringey "failed to satisfactorily rebut my arguments", so it's been found on the basis of their response to this case, rather than any particular procedural issue.

There are various other issues knocking about, including the fact that some of their evidence looks like it was knocked up in a hurry (containing even more spelling errors than usual for a council document, etc.), and the fact that they continually referred to me as "she" and "her".

All appears to be distinctly unprofessional on their side from my point of view, but that's an issue for another day (month, year, lifetime).

I am going to return to my Bedfordshire bolthole and hope that you poor residents of Harringay (and, indeed, Haringey) continue to fight to get one over the council. Good luck.

Thanks for the update and the encouraging words. Hope your next visit is consequenceless...



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