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Haringey Parking Permit Site, is it just me, or is this site atrocious

I was struggling yet again to use the Parking Permit site, and I wanted to others struggled with it too. I only use it for visitor permit as I don't have a car myself.

The Login seems to constantly struggle, today I had to check my username was correct, reset my password multiple times before I was able to log in. I find it loops on the login screen, but doesn't give me an error at all (I tried incognito also to see if this was a cookie problem it was not). I seem to run into this issue all the time, some times the login eventual works even if I don't change my password.

The site is terrible to browse on mobile, and as far as I can see there is not app to use as an alternative (which is pretty awful given that the majority of folks use mobile browsers these days over traditional web sites). I imagine this is even worse for people who aren't tech savvy.

It appears this is out sourced to a company called Taranto Systems who seem to be responsible for most councils permit systems. 

Do others stuggle?

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Yes I agree total rubbish and out of date ! 

Yes, same issues - the mobile site is particularly bad. It also doesn't remember any previous registrations etc. Islington used RingGo and it was a lot better!

Ah interesting, it looks like they still use Taranto Systems for there resident permit, but RingGo for the resident visitor permit.

Used to be able to buy permits on mobile, but it stopped allowing me to log in months ago, so now I have to go to my computer each time. The whole thing feels like it would've been just about adequate a decade ago, but is remarkably poor given it was only brought in in the last 18 months.

It's astonishingly bad. Hard to understand how that won whatever tender they ran. You would have thought that mobile friendliness would have been pretty heavily weighted in the scoring. 

Sorry you're having trouble, but I just logged in to renew my resident's pass and found the whole process very easy. I remember having trouble when I first used the online system, but now I am used to it I find buying and using permits very easy.

Good to know someone is having a good experience with this at least. Out of interest are you using a mobile device?

No: I use Edge on a Windows desktop.

Ah gotcha, the issues I'm have are using the site on mobile, desktop it works fine (generally)

The fact that we have to get used to it is the problem really. I regularly use the Camden equivalent and it is completely intuitive. It resizes to the screen size of the device on which you are viewing it, it remembers the registration numbers that you have previously entered and most of all it doesn't require you to buy permits, you just buy the number of hours/days you want at the time you want them. The fact that Taranto decided to replicate the buying of physical permits just shows how little thought went into the user experience of their service. And the fact that you can only buy 9 at a time. That is very likely a bug that they just cannot be bothered to fix. A developer forgetting to allow more than single digits in the database. I do wonder if we looked into the ownership of Taranto if we wouldn't find a link to someone on the council. 

There actually used country wide, for example Manchester appears to use them, I would expect it's as there on the gov digital market place https://www.applytosupply.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud...

It obviously doesn't take much to get on the Digital marketplace then. They say it is designed for mobile devices which we know not to be true. I wonder if anyone actually verifies what they say in their listing? 



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