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Haringey Hunts for £2bn Developer to Redevelop Main Council Buildings for Housing

According to architects' journal BD Online, Haringey Council is currently looking for a developer to jointly build 5,000 homes and redevelop more than 20 sites across the borough.

Among the sites up for grabs are the council’s main nine-storey office in Wood Green, where more than 300 people work, as well as Wood Green’s civic centre (pictured above) and library – which "will be moved elsewhere in the borough".

Other land included in the package is the Northumberland Park regeneration area in Tottenham, while it is also looking at bundling up other sites into the work including land behind Muswell Hill library and parts of Broadwater Farm in Tottenham.

It will be interesting to see how much affordable housing is included and what will happen to the facilities due to be "moved elsewhere".

Thanks to Robert Pike for the heads-up on this story.

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Approved premises

Good question Maddy. It seems the starting price for a ceremony on a Saturday morning at the Civic Centre is £230, or £460 at outside/approved premises or £90 in a church

That's a really good point Martina. For a single developer, limiting the approach to the developments will save them money, so the risk would be having straight off the shelf designs for all sites rather than them being bespoke to suit the context of the particular area. But to try to be fair to Haringey, the pressure is on them to deliver new housing as fast as possible as their contribution to the government's housing targets so a kit built approach would do that for them. I think it's a case of everyone watching this like hawks.

No, pressure is on them to make sure there are no more riots. That's all.

How, John, do you see this policy avoiding future riots? Seems to me that If anything, the cross-London land grab policy and clearance of social housing is more likely to prepare the ground for future riots.

Growing inequality; Increasing class and ethnic segregation; running down public services and so forth all look likely ingredients.

And you haven't mentioned the commercial risks of building or buying in flood risk areas!

Remember the old Haringey coat of Arms said, 'Progress & Humanity,' now it just says expensive sticky tape. I would do the design job pro bono, and still have higher aspirations for the design and Haringey.
I agree, buildings generally last longer than a life time, and generally the people who make decisions ie. councillors do not have any expertise in the built environment, so how can they get to grips with the gravity of their decisions. I just do what X tells me... Fortunately where the Power of Good Ideas are concerned, the Green Party, has no political Whip.

As an Urban Design graduate I am concerned with the affects buildings have on people, their longevity, and their affect on the environment. I constantly look for innovation, thinking about sharing ideas for future potential, for future infrastructure, with interventions that help the existing communities needs, complimenting the existing building framework and their context. There are many other other intangibles, I think about as an artist or human being, not purely as a politician.
That's a lot of Community Infrastructure Levy money, on top of the sale proceeds, I wonder what is on their ABC list, schools?
They received £5M from Berkley Homes for The Heartland's Regeneration Scheme, to build a primary school.

Apologies but the search facility returns very many references to "Haringey Civic Centre List" so I don't know if this fact has been raised on HoL



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