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Cllr Ishmael Osamor "admitted three charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and a fourth charge of possession in a hearing at Bournemouth Crown Court last Friday."

I had no idea that this had being going on behind the scenes. His arrest was known before the selection process, but it seems Mum (Kate Osamor MP) managed to keep mum.

He remains a Councillor and keeps his job in mum's office in the Commons.

I couldn't find any mention in the Morning Star or The Canary, so please make do with this link.

***He finally decided to resign as a Haringey councillor at tonight's Labour Group meeting (Tues 30th)***

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I take my hat off to ye.

Ishmael Osamor's Parliamentary passholding was raised as a Point of Order following Prime Minister's Questions today - here's the exchange.

Simon Hoare (North Dorset) (Con) [Bestival took place in his constituency]
On a point of order, Mr Speaker. This is a sensitive issue, and I hope that I phrase it correctly. We are all alert to the scourge of drugs in our towns and cities. I think the House would agree that if the sins of the father or the mother cannot be visited upon the sons, the same is true in reverse, but there is a case, as you will be aware, Mr Speaker, currently alive in the media involving a passholder in this place—and being a passholder is an honour, not a right—who has been found guilty of a drugs-related crime.

In preserving what I hope all quarters of the House would agree is an important aspiration—namely, public confidence in this place and in those people who carry passes—what role do the Commission and other House authorities have with regards to Members of this place and those to whom they issue passes?

Mr Speaker
I am immensely grateful to the hon. Gentleman for his point of order, though I am mildly disappointed that he did not furnish me with advance notice either of his intention to raise it or—better still—an indication as to its content. I say in all courtesy to him—I have known him for 30 years and he is a very decent chap—that it has absolutely nothing to do with the House of Commons Commission; it is a matter for me. I am very clear about that.

If that matter is brought to my attention, ideally privately, I will discharge my responsibilities on the subject. I hope that my bona fides in such matters over a long period are unarguable. I hope that he feels satisfied that he has raised the point. I will deal with it sensibly.

As far as I know, it's illegal to possess or to sell drugs and Ishmael Osamor was convicted of possession and intent to supply.

The class to which the customers belong is completely irrelevant.

True. But people insist on using he word. 

As we have discussed.... it's really hard to find good candidates that the party will allow to be selected and that will be selected. By "expel moderates" I think you mean "deselect councillors behind the HDV". As was widely reported in the press, the deselections were Momentum backed, however the only one I am aware of that was, was Seven Sisters where they attempted to oust Claire Kober but came up against a big bag of cash handed in by members whose subscriptions had expired and the fact that they're not really that organised so didn't have the numbers in the room. The anti-HDV campaign was well organised though. They didn't tell people who to vote for, they just told them who was behind the HDV.

And your evidence...

I don't know. You tell me...

Momentum Council? Expulsion of so-called moderates?

As long as people keep using these loose and unhelpful labels we block ourselves from seeing what's actually happened and still happening and what needs to change.

The specific question of who is a member of Momentum can be answered quite easily. The Council's Declaration of Interests form is on Haringey's website.

It asks for:  "Any body one of whose principal purposes includes the influence of public opinion or policy (including any political party or trade union".

After the first twenty-five I got bored, so I may have missed a couple. But the only Momentum members I found among them were: Joe Ejiofor, Emina Ibrahim, Mark Blake, Noah Tucker, and Khaled Moyeed.

Perhaps more significant is whether or not they espouse the values and aims of Momentum. Which apart from supporting Jeremy Corbyn did seem to be a commitment to shifting Labour to a more co-operative and inclusive bottom-up Party instead of having a top-down command and control ethos.

Obviously if anyone believes Joe Ejiofor represents such a highly desirable change, they're busy cleaning the chimney so Santa doesn't get stuck.

Really John.

After attempting to derail the discussion with the Owen Jones-esque argument that "drugs aren't bad, so the crimes surrounding them aren't really crimes", you are now suggesting that a faction taking power within the Labour Party was simply the result of public opinion against housing development.

Next you'll be shouting "what are your crimes?" and offering to expel our thetans.

This shoddy selection of an evidently shoddy councillor is inextricably linked to the Momentum movement. The guy's mother knew she couldn't employ him beyond 2020, so she pulled strings to get him a new job. Uncle Joe Ejiofor even threw in a £5000 bonus in the form of a made-up Cabinet role.

The HDV was simply the vector.



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