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Cllr Ishmael Osamor "admitted three charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and a fourth charge of possession in a hearing at Bournemouth Crown Court last Friday."

I had no idea that this had being going on behind the scenes. His arrest was known before the selection process, but it seems Mum (Kate Osamor MP) managed to keep mum.

He remains a Councillor and keeps his job in mum's office in the Commons.

I couldn't find any mention in the Morning Star or The Canary, so please make do with this link.

***He finally decided to resign as a Haringey councillor at tonight's Labour Group meeting (Tues 30th)***

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I guess lying to the voting public was less of a concern.

Is he doing his 200 hours' unpaid work at Kate's Commons office?  Will the 5 weeks' wages saved go to international development?  Kate, a statement in the House? 

Osamor resigned at a meeting of the council's Labour group earlier after calls for him to quit.

Councillor Joseph Ejiofor, council leader, said: 

"The Labour Party expects high standards from its elected representatives, and I know that Councillor Osamor has taken some personal time over the past four days to review whether his actions have met this expectation.

"Consequently, Ishmael has decided to resign from Haringey Council. We respect his decision."


Case closed.

Cllr Osamor did not attend the Labour Group meeting.

Case not closed. Attempted high level cover up involving lots of money.

John M you mean a presumption about expensive barristers/solicitors that's already been addressed and manifestly failed as a coverup? That's a done deal.

The case that     isn't    closed is about his House of Commons security clearance and capacity to be his mother's assistant.

When you first apply to be an MP's employee you have to disclose any convictions on the application form (available online), and it's up to the House authorities whether a conviction disbars you - and it's not an automatic refusal. If you acquire a conviction in the course of a Parliament it's not clear (to me) if you have an immediate duty to report it. But with the amount of publicity he's now gained I'd think the House authorities are most likely aware.

As I said, not bothered about the drugs or the conviction really. Bothered about him not disclosing it when he went for selection as a Labour Candidate (I mean, even a few bad tweets would see you barred) and covering for whoever paid the legal fees.

You're not really bothered about the fact that your ex-representative on the council intended to sell drugs ? It would have been OK for him to be selected as a candidate as long as he admitted it ?

I'm seriously bothered about it.

As David Lammy has pointed out, the demand for those drugs comes from the middle classes. It wasn't skunk.

It would have been OK for him to have been selected as a candidate if he had declared it, yes.

The demand may come from the middle classes, but as David Lammy has also pointed out, that demand contributes to the culture of violence that kids get sucked into. The whole 'county lines' trafficking, the boys round here on their stolen yellow bikes, the dealers at both ends of my road, etc. And Cllr Osamor had a special remit for an area which probably has a huge number of problems with kids and gangs. Which he was perpetuating. 

Is that assertion based on any data, John? A quick websearch wasn't rich in pickings, but but did offer this from the Guardian in 2013 which offers a more nuanced overview of the facts:

6.8% of people with an annual household income of less than £10,000 a year were frequent drug users, compared to 1.4% of those in households with incomes of £50,000 or more.
There is also data on which drugs are being consumed by which groups. Broadly, most illegal substances follow the trends described above. But there are exceptions.
Those living in households with incomes less than £10,000 are more likely to use drugs such as amphetamines, mephedrone and cannabis and are 5% more likely than wealthier groups to have consumed any drug at all. But 2.3% of those living in households with incomes upwards of £50,000 have used cocaine in the past year, compared to an average of 1.7% among households living on less than £30,000.

Those drugs were very middle class party drugs. Camp Besitval was a middle class party, £170 a ticket and Rick Astley and Simple Minds headlining. I'm feeling even more sorry for him that he had to listen to that crap, no wonder they all needed drugs.



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