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Cllr Ishmael Osamor "admitted three charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and a fourth charge of possession in a hearing at Bournemouth Crown Court last Friday."

I had no idea that this had being going on behind the scenes. His arrest was known before the selection process, but it seems Mum (Kate Osamor MP) managed to keep mum.

He remains a Councillor and keeps his job in mum's office in the Commons.

I couldn't find any mention in the Morning Star or The Canary, so please make do with this link.

***He finally decided to resign as a Haringey councillor at tonight's Labour Group meeting (Tues 30th)***

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I think the exemption is the national legal one, where you cannot stand if you served three of more months in prison.  However the code of conduct says

Members should not place themselves in situations where their integrity may be questioned, should not behave improperly and should on all occasions avoid the appearance of such behaviour.

which would seem to cover the case.

Thanks Alan, 

Dropping my flippant comments from earlier. It sounds like the labour group have some house keeping to sort out.

I trust they'll choose a suitable replacement.

I'm not surprised he didn't tell his family, my parents would have had a complete meltdown.

I bet he feels a complete fool. I assume he's learnt something and hope he does something useful with his experience, maybe volunteering at a drug rehab centre or with youth services (if we had any left). He could turn this around and actually make a difference to some young lives. As outcomes go that might pull something good out of this (self inflicted) mess. He could do worse than taking a leaf out of J Profumo's experience. As I understand it, he dedicated his life to good causes after his humiliation .

As far as I'm able to find out, nobody in the local Labour Party has made a statement regarding Ishmael Osamor despite his case coming to court almost 10 days ago before the news this week. That includes the Labour Group Chief Whip, the Leader of the Council, and Cllr Osamor's family.

I hope you don't mind my amendments to your opening para.

It's remarkable that neither of this man's employers (Momentum chum Ejiofor and Mummy) have found the time to make a comment.

A 29yr old man who appears to have achieved little in life, other than what has been gifted him thus far, managed to keep several court appearances secret from his family? A person of limited financial means instructed solicitors and a barrister from Tier1 chambers 6KBW College Hill to represent him in three court appearances. All without the mum he lives with finding out.

While the bar for 'fit and proper' representatives in Haringey Council is particularly low (N.B. Cllr. Adje's cabinet position), the behaviour of Mr Osamor is indefensible. He has to go.

The idea that those around him had no involvement or knowledge of his predicament is simply laughable.

Income from his job?  And he doesn’t live in Edmonton. N15 according To the register of interests

temporary supply work?

Chief of Staff at the Houses of Parliament   Even well off people use drugs you know

A rather grand title which in reality means 'working for my mum'.

Even with the additional £14k from Haringey Council, he is far from well-off.

His mother describes his role as Senior Comms Officer (Oct 18). This role pays on average £25k according to IPSA

Criminal Barrister is £360 an hour, Solicitor is £280 (well, it was last time I checked). He needed help.

Anyone else seeing some interesting parallels with this case (Green Party this time)? 

Family connections / turning a blind eye are a grim combination in politics. In this case, it did eventually turn out that more was known about the charges than was initially admitted. 

There's a little red booklet from the past called: "Becoming a Labour Councillor The what, why and how". (It has photos of people who looked vaguely familiar to me.)

It mentions the word "probity" eight times. I counted eleven examples of "high" and "highest" standards expected. Including a statement that: "the Party expects Labour councillors to maintain the highest standards of conduct and to act as Labour’s ambassador in the community".

It reminds everyone that: "... it is clear our political opponents will use any opportunity to discredit our party through the behaviour of our councillors".   Which of course the Tories already have.

Following Andy H's compassionate suggestion above,  if Ishmael only knew someone with even a shadow of interest in international development, a few years around Bogota or Medellin might do him a world of good and set him up for life. He seems to be from a good family. Only misdemeanour I can trace in the last year or so was Mum's May 2017 plagiarising in Edmonton whole paragraphs of Barack Obama's 2008 victory speech in Chicago. I'm sure political victory speech theft should qualify one for a year's hard labour per paragraph lifted, but apparently Kate appealed for clemency under the trans-Atlantic Labour-Democrat Special Relationship, citing Joe Biden's Sept 1987 nicking of Neil Kinnock's May 1987 speech.  To our family's undying disgrace, Joe Biden's mum was a Finnegan from Co. Louth just across the border from us.  The more literate among us continue to deny any blood link, but we're still hanging our heads in shame thirty years later. Joe would have been transported to Van Diemen's Land a century or so earlier.  Ishmael's cocaine misdemeanour is trivial compared with his mum's political plagiarism.

Drugs? Meh, everyone's at it (well, everyone else). Lying to gain a political office? Bye Ishmael.



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