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Has anyone else read this piece of patronising rubbish that Haringey have paid to implement, and to print and to send out people onto our doorsteps to help us to choose modes of transport for getting around London???? I'm soooo annoyed with them!

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Maybe we should hire a team of people to tell the council or TFL because we don't know what they don't know and they might not know about this ?

Maybe we can even get them to pay this team people in a roundabout way so they feel it's a free service and not something paid for by themselves ?

Ha! We lived in Kings Crescent off Blackstock Road when we moved to London, late 70s. One of us had a job at Islington Central Library on Holloway Road, (Fieldway Crescent, opposite St Mary's church). Only after we moved (to the ladder) did we realise that instead of walking up to Finsbury Park tube station, getting the Victoria line to Highbury & Islington, then slogging up the Holloway Road, that simply walking from home to work would have been a) possible and b) about as quick, as well as being free and a much more pleasant journey, partly across Highbury Fields. So yes your point is well taken and I think the initiative is useful though clumsily promoted!

Gordon, looks like you missed this discussion. What would encourage people to walk more? 

With a link to Slate Magazine's review of Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action for Long-Term Change by Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia. 

◄ ◄◄ Guerilla wayfaring signs.

Which -with your comment - also leads on to an interesting discussion of how to let people know what's nearby.

Greenwich Park Map

That may be so. But when we hear that mental health and care service budget are being slashed along with youth services that help quite a bit in keeping ASB down, you wonder what the priorities are!

Even it is a TFL funding source, it just show the warped sense of values our policy deciders  have.

Whilst totally agreeing with your sentiments, I have actually met the planner.

She turned up uninvited last week.

She is being funded by the EU, not us, and her job is to  convince residents to give up their cars and use local transport/bike/walk instead.

Dont think she'll be very successful!!!

Louisa, I hope the planner/adviser is at least partially successful. But "success" might usefully be measured by a wider brief than the apparently narrow top-down doing-things-unto-people approach which is suggested by the Haringey letter to residents in St Ann's and Harringay wards.

So as well as "providing information on walking, cycling and public transport"; to encourage us "to consider the full range of travel options",  I hope the adviser or advisers are also learning from  local residents.  Including asking and listening in respectful and sympathetic ways and recording possible reasons why people don't  take these options. Even if they know about them.

Treating this as a research task and a priority aim of the visits could be valuable in informing TFL and Haringey planners.

And since we are paying for this work - even if indirectly through taxation - they should publish a reasonably full report of their findings online.  Available for free, so we can all read what they discover.

they should publish a reasonably full report

Alan, I've asked about this amongst related matters via a Members' enquiry

Alan, Richard actually spoke to her, not me. He says that the gist of her talk was to give up cars and public transport and cycle/walk everywhere.
I don't think this will be successful as too many cyclists are dying on London roads.
And this has to be age appropriate. The young and old would prefer public transport/cars.

Clive, thanks for making the Councillor's Inquiry.  For people who are unfamiliar with the arcane rules of local government, all elected councillors have a legal right to request and receive information - but only on a "need to know" basis.  (In secret Haringey if councillors outside the ruling clique really want to find out what's going on, they'll probably have to rely on the Freedom of Information Act, or a tip-off from from a member of staff with integrity.)

Louisa, thanks for this feedback. I hope it wasn't typical.  When staff meet residents in person the aim should always be a two-way exchange - our Council listening to and noting what people say.  Does Richard recall if the adviser was using some sort of checklist - maybe ticking things off with a clipboard?

I was listening to a radio play and one of the characters used the old-fashioned phrase "Mark my words" - meaning 'pay attention to what I say'. And I got to thinking how the meaning of "mark" had changed so it now means tick an answer as correct.  But as a management theorist once wrote: 

"It is the disease of not listening, the malady of not marking, that I am troubled withal."


She did refer to a list.

I mentioned this idea to my mother who said it would be useful to know the location of toilets when you go out walking.  To be honest most of this information can be found through other sources, seems a shame to be spending on this when day care centres are being closed. 



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