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Haringey Council promise traffic impact asessments for Hornsey Sainsbury's

In a new post on the their website about the 'Sainsbury-led regeneration' of Hornsey High Street, the Council offers the following reassurance:

Any developer will be required to carry out retail and traffic impact assessments

Be concerned; be very concerned, Hornsey.

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Haringey council , sainsbury's and the landlords of the arena shopping development still have'nt sorted out the traffic problem on Green Lanes yet to my knowledge, (can someone let me know if they have) so how can they go go forward with another development.
cllr Goldberg should make sure that is sorted out first, after all the council keep telling us how green they want us to be and charge us for it. Or does money talk !
Yes and they did a "traffic assessment" before buildilng the Arena estate that was a complete fudge - it managed to show that exactly no more cars would be coming into the area to make use of the 800-car car-park they were building. How they got that one by the planners is a mystery to me - unfortunately it was before the days of HoL and our local efforts to fight the development failed.

No doubt the Crouch End/Hornsey lobbies will be out in force again to campaign against the Sainsbury's. Last time it was mooted I was asked many times to sign a petition against building another supermarket in the area - I always said I would as long as that person swore never to drive through Harringay on their way to our local Sainsbury's.



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