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Haringey Council now issuing fines for recycling unwanted items on pavement

It's long been a practice for people to leave items they no longer want on the pavement outside their house for others to take.

Many challenge the practice as being unsafe and unsightly. They say that with plenty of local online channels to use to recycle items locally, this practice has had its day and it no longer necessary. 

Haringey Council have come down firmly on the side of those against the practice and have started issuing £400 fines for residents who attempt kerbside recycling.

An outraged Crouch End householder was recently fined for putting out a three-foot desk for a passers-by to take for free. The offender claimed that she was helping people out and not fly-tipping.

However, Haringey spokesperson said that while it understood the person wanted to leave the desk for a neighbour, “leaving broken furniture in the street can be dangerous and cause a nuisance for the local area”.

“For residents who would like to donate items, we would ask they take them to a charity, reuse and recycling centre or try their neighbours directly".

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Good. It's fly-tipping by another name. 


Any sense of what happens if one would leave the items on your own property with a sign?

As far as I’m aware your own property is your own business. In the event that a front garden is used as a dumping ground, as is the case with a small number of rental properties, the council can issue an enforcement notice to get it cleared. But I should think that extremely unlikely if you were to put a couple of items in your garden for recycling.

I’d advise putting items in your front garden and possibly posting an alert on here and/or your street WhatsApp. 

Anyone have the link to contact the council for a landlord who now has 4 used mattresses in the front garden?  Plus assorted bits of broken furniture and cracked bins

See that big pink button to the right that’s been there for the past two years?  Go there, open the pdf, see number 4. 

I need a blush emoji - oops wil have told do, thanks Hugh

It was dumped on the street. It is flytipping and not recycling. It is the kind of entitled behaviour that encourages the epidemic we have across the borough. There are plenty of WhatsApp Groups and well publicised online forums to exchange furniture.

I have a friend who lives in a council sheltered block in Muswell Hill and they have constant problems with people locally dumping rubbish at the front of their block because they know the sheltered housing scheme manager will have it taken away.  My friend watched someone walking from his several million pound house over the road after dark with a broken coffee table and dump it in the entrance to the block.  My friend picked it up, carried it back over the road knocked on the door and when he asked why it had been left there was told that “You people might have use for it”

In Paris they used to have a once-a-month occasion where everyone could put out useable old furniture etc on the street - it was a lot of fun and some great findings to be had.

In my kitchen I have three items that I salvaged from outside peoples' houses in Harringay and put to good use.

I’ve done the Paris junk trawl (I got an easel and a mirror once) but I worked because stuff that was not taken got cleared by the éboueurs the next day.  Rolling back the years there used to be the occasional recycle day here (it happened in the Ladder if not elsewhere). You left stuff out for others to take and if it was still there in 24 hours a big truck would come along and clear the street of what were was left.  I think there was also a skip at the end of the road where you get rid of bulk rubbish but that might be my imagination.

They used to do this in Islington. I sold a small electric guitar I found next to the skip for £30 when I was younger.

I like this kind of kerb side recycling in the most part. Anything metal gets taken by a scrap van in less than an hour and everything seems to find a new home without much issues. 

The lower quality items which a charity shop wouldn't take all seem to go. It feels a niche. 

A street reuse and recycle day would be wonderful but would need Haringey to cooperate with disposing of stuff at the end (and getting rid of the inevitable rather well used mattresses that will get left out)



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