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Don't know if my previous posts were read, but after my house was set on fire, we applied to be moved. They offered a one bed. However, I was on the waiting list for a three bed. I then questioned why and they said because my youngest child isn't on the tenancy. Bear in mind, I was notified that children under 16 do not have to go on the tenancy.

After a lot of grief from one of the housing officers at Haringey (later on to be fired), I finally managed to get my children on the tenancy. However, the properties I was offered - and remember I have been three years plus waiting for a three bed and I have no bedroom, sleeping on a sofa  - was still offered a two bed. I questioned well why can I have not just have a three bed since what happened is no fault of mine and I am going to leave a very nice area.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, none of that worked. A good few years down the line, my daughter fell pregnant. As I younger age after the baby turns one we call the council as we were really overcrowded - two bed house, yes but very very tiny she was put on Band C. I couldn't understand.

So a case worker got involved and said well it states that me myself and still and only entire tour to a one bed which I could not understand. Due to depression and other things going on, I just dropped it.

So a good few months down the line, (my grandson is almost two), we phoned the council and after back and forth 1,000 times, we finally realised why they weren't contacting us - they have my daughter's email mixed up  - wrong phone numbers and my email and a wrong phone number. Yet when they want to talk to me about rent arrears, they soon managed to get through to me. So, after all this time, stress, depression, we have found out that there has been a major error and all along they thought I wanted to exchange a beautiful two bed tiny house in a very nice area, bear in mind mind with my two children and now my grandson, for a one bed.

I have got in touch with so many people and have had no reply. I am so stressed out and depressed. Obviously, I love my daughter and grandson, but I have no space, no bedroom. I am suffering severe mental health and depression from the arson and a physical assault. I cannot recover as I have no privacy or time out. Space in the sitting room and kitchen are combined. Upstairs is a small bathroom, tiny bedroom, and a normal bedroom: that's all it is.

Please can anyone advise me the problem is. I do need my daughter on a daily basis as she really helps me. However, she also needs me to help with the baby, which is also good for my mental health.

So, when I suggested that there are a good few empty houses on our road, I got told, well you can't pick and choose. Knowing that people on our road have three Houses with all family members going down the line, I got told this was because of a certain person that worked there and no longer works at Haringey Council. However, anyway my daughter still has not been offered a property and she is on Band C.

Can anyone give me advice or can anyone tell me who I can go to talk to, as I can no longer cope. It's also not fair on my son waking up all hours of the night because the baby is crying, disturbing his sleep. It is affecting his education and behaviour. I can hear the floor creaking when my daughter gets up and down for the baby. It also wakes me up since I'm so alert after the fire and the sitting room is literally right next to the front door. So, I am not sleeping properly.

The story is a lot deeper. I am just trying to give some information to go on. So, anyway my daughter phoned them also saying they have made a mistake and each time they have put the phone down or told us to hold and it cuts off.

Please, please help........

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If you haven’t already, get in touch with our local Citizens Advice Bureau (give them a call to arrange an initial appointment): https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/local-citizen...

They will be able to advise you on your rights and what to do next, and may be able to advocate for you if you want them to. I hope you manage to get things sorted out.



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