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An ambitious plan to transform the centre of Wood Green, which could create 60,000 sq ft of new employment space, 4,000 jobs and 7,800 much needed new homes in the area has been unveiled by Haringey Council (Tuesday 17th January). The plan would see a total of £3.5 billion invested into the area creating a new town centre which would become a major shopping destination for North London with improved streets and public spaces.

The consultation plan is for a 15 year project to redevelop the central Wood Green shopping area with thousands of sq ft of retail, leisure and office space created and new workspace for creative businesses, including those already based in Wood Green’s cultural quarter.  The proposals include attracting more restaurants, cafés and places to socialise, as well as redeveloping currently underused sites to create a range of new workspaces and offices for local and London-based businesses.  It is also proposed to improve pedestrian and transport links between Wood Green town centre and Alexandra Palace, making the palace the heartbeat of Wood Green’s cultural hub.

In 2015 over 1,000 Wood Green residents, businesses and community groups had their say about the future of Wood Green with the great majority opting for the most ambitious of the four options proposed. A new consultation on our preferred option will open on 7th  February date and close on 14th March 2017.

Cllr Joe Goldberg, Haringey Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability said:

Wood Green is the heart of North London  and we have an ambitious plan to create almost 8,000 new homes and 4,000 jobs and restore one of the capital’s historic town centres based around a central Crossrail 2 station. We are working around the clock to deliver the changes our residents tell us they want to see in Wood Green.

Haringey is the future of London and the transformation of Wood Green would give more of our residents opportunities and a quality of life at least equal to that of the best in the city. We want to make Wood Green one the best places to work, shop, eat and drink in London.

Regeneration in Wood Green has already started with the opening of Green Rooms, the UK’s first arts hotel, cafe, bar and exhibition space, in June 2015. Green Rooms is a social enterprise that offers affordable accommodation aimed at people working in the arts. Work has also started to turn a disused council staff car park on Station Road into a creative and artistic hub and cafe. Timber work sheds, studios and offices will be used as workshops/retail units for local businesses and a café will be opened in a converted Routemaster double-decker bus.

More information

  • Two-thirds of people who took part in the Wood Green’s Future consultation in late 2015 said The Mall shopping centre wasn’t a good image for Wood Green, while 95 per cent said the High Road needed to be updated. A previous release with more details on the 2015 consultation with local residents and businesses is available here: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/news/building-vision-wood-green-s-future
  • Wood Green consultation - we are looking for the views of residents and businesses on the plans we have set out to transform Wood Green. A consultation is open from 7th February until 14th March 2017 and will be available online: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/woodgreen
  • A number of drop-in sessions for the public will be held in Wood Green during the consultation period and more details of these will be released over the coming weeks.
  • We have declared an ambition for Haringey to be a zero carbon borough by 2050 – as part of the proposals for Wood Green a site has also been identified for a decentralized energy centre for the whole Wood Green growth area. 
  • The Wood Green cultural quarter is based around the Chocolate Factory arts complex housed in the former Barratt sweet factory building in Coburg Rd, N22. The Chocolate Factory is home to 200 artists and creative businesses spread across three buildings including Cocorose, which a leading manufacturer of foldable shoes which can fit in a handbag since 2007.

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Just a quick note to say I cut and paste this directly and verbatim from a notice that appeared on the Haringey website today.  They are Haringey Council's words not mine!

'based around a central Crossrail 2 station.'
There goes downhills park!!!

So what's the deal with the Crossrail 2 shaft then, are they going to take even more of Downhill's Park than they are with the housing plan? This council is setting dangerous precedents for our local assets...And what happens to respecting consultations: I thought 80% of people who responded favoured the other option? Let's extrapolate a bit: does this mean that Brexit doesn't mean Brexit?

How much are they hedging their bets on even getting the Crossrail 2 station? Given that every other stakeholder that has expressed an opinion, as well as the majority of public respondents, have backed the Turnpike Lane - Alexandra Palace route. It seems unlikely that the council will get their wish, so to continue hanging the redevelopment on the back of Crossrail 2 seems foolish.

There was a report on this on the breakfast show on BBC Radio London this morning, with a reporter at Shopping City and some discussion about housing affordability/funding and where they'll rehouse the people whose homes are going to be demolished. They said they would be covering the story closely in future.

Foxtons Property Ranger (FPR), I do believe the development plans for Shopping City involve adding towers to it, so more of a monstrosity, not less. Since they are going ahead and publishing these plans and basing them largely around their preferred option of WG for Crossrail 2, they the council must know something we don't about the likely decision. So, WG will be a building site for 10-15 years. Another reason to continue with shopping in town, down the blue line.

The housing at the back of Shopping City is of course to be welcomed however, if it is going to be at prices of £800,000 for a 2 bed apartment then it won't be much use to those at the middle to lower income will it.

If there's funding and the will to make things happen, then any / all improvements welcome.................

My own wish list
Clear up rubbish / hose away chewing gum
Consider viability of both the High Road and SC as commercial centres..........can the area sustain both ?

I'm old enough to remember when a jaunt to SC was a big deal, but picking one's way up the High road to be confronted by a pick-a mix of phone / charity / pound emporia, before arriving to SC is a fairly dispiriting business.
The Westfield / Brent Cross options are probably more appealing and perhaps WG can develop the food option of the market, which is actiually pretty good.

Council needs to insist upon some say in the nature / quality of housing and be given more power to regulate slum landlords who enrich themselves on the back of housing benefit whilst playing the regulations game to suit their bottom line.
( The Tories are bound to be on board with this.....)

Is it too much to expect decent quality housing, with pleasant open space, good local schoolsand efficient transport ?

Yours from Cloud Cuckoo Land !links

Haringey Council?  Wood Green?  And these are the same chaps who can't find a couple of tenants for M&S and BHS ?



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