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Haringey Announce £14 million to "Boost to Sustainable Transport in Haringey"

Yesterday Haringey announced £14M to boost sustainable travel in the borough. The following is their announcement. (I love the idea of the Council 'reducing reliability on private car use'; it conjures up images of the Council sending out the gremlins each night to tinker with our cars engines).

Millions of pounds will be invested into transport improvements in Haringey over the next year, following the agreement of an ambitious and wide-ranging strategy on sustainable travel.

The Sustainable Transport Works Plan 2019-20 (STWP), formally adopted this week by Cabinet, will ensure that more than £14.4million is spent on making transport more accessible, improving our highways, making our streets safer and encouraging sustainable alternatives to private car use.

It will support the Borough Plan 2019 – 2023, which has already committed the council to boosting transport links in Haringey – particularly for cyclists and pedestrians – reducing road congestion and improving air quality in the borough.

£4.3million will be spent on the maintenance of Haringey’s road network, as well as making the improvements necessary to make our roads more safe and friendly for pedestrians and cyclists.

£2million will go directly into the promotion of sustainable methods of transport around the borough, with more funding for projects and schools encouraging cycling from a young age, and grants to community organisations helping those who currently rely on car use, to walk and cycle more.

The council’s Borough Plan commitment to making Haringey safer will be supported by £1.3million invested in street lighting upgrades – including the expansion of LED lighting – with a view to reducing road accidents, discouraging crime and reducing the fear of crime.

Other measures agreed in the plan include the delivery of a series of major structures projects and the progression of the Liveable Neighbourhoods project in Crouch End, which challenges the dominance of cars in the area and seeks to improve options for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cllr Seema Chandwani, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “I am delighted that we have committed to an ambitious transport strategy which will back our plans for more sustainable local travel with significant investment. We have a genuine commitment to making walking and cycling easier and more attractive in Haringey and making it more accessible to our residents.”

Cllr Kirsten Hearn, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Sustainability, said: “This plan demonstrates our commitment to addressing the climate emergency in Haringey by making the borough a beacon of sustainable transport and reducing reliability on private car use.”

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Only last night Haringey Living Streets met to discuss this very topic. Lets see great ideas on the east side. Lets be real nobody really needs to drive in such a well connected part of town. I mean where are you all driving anyway? Lets get a mini-holland here. lets get real targets for reducing air pollution. Lets shut down major roads like St Anns. School streets aplenty. Pocket parks. So lets not let Crouchenders get all the money to make space for artisan chicken stalls

Good bits of street. Bad bits of street. Tell me where they are. Post photos. 

Fantastic news! Can they please put a protected  cycle lane on Green Lanes perhaps?

Would be great if the council stopped developers including car parks in their new development plans too.

But for flats and houses with no outdoor space, to include a ground floor or lift-accessible private local for each unit where bikes, infants vehicles and more can be stored. So that we are encouraged to own a bike that doesn't have to be stored in the hall way or on the balcony or in the communal area.

I don't think developers are keen to include parking if they can get away with it.

The Council can have a significant influence on what developers are keen on! If they chose to focus developers' minds on this, I'm sure they would succeed.

I think developers have a significant influence on what the Council Planners deem to be acceptable. See the Altitude towers.

£2 million on advertising walking and cycling? Lucky advertising agencies.

All that part of the budget will be spent on "projects" to "encourage" people to choose active travel. What that means is more banners outside parks, more bikeability schemes, probably another collaboration with O'Donovans. Nothing will be actually built out of that. So really, it is £2 million for advertising.

Sure. The thing is nothing gets built, nothing will enable. Encouragement is all they will spend money on.

Haringey has in the past spent money on plastic banners saying HARINGEY WALKS, which are placed at the entrances to parks, where people are already going for a walk. A chunk of this new budget will also be spent on plastic banners. Maybe they'll be a bit more honest this time, and say HARINGEY DRIVES, and string them up across Green Lanes. Or HARINGEY: THE DRIVE-THRU BOROUGH or HARINGEY-WE HEART THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE.

Either way, it will have the same impact on modal shift. It's mostly a waste of money, which, I believe, was the original point.



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