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I have been given a load of half price Sky offer codes and I wont be using them.

They look like they save an arful lot. Basically they give you half price for 12 months on all packages.


Free Sky+HD box

Free standard set-up

Half price HD Pack (save £61.50)

Half price TV for a year (save up to £333)


Half price Broadband Unlimited for a year (save £45)

Offer ends 6 December

If anyone is interested leave a message below


I dont make any money from this and I dont get commision, I just thought it might save some people some money.

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Anyone wants a code please feel free to PM or or leave a comment.


I would be very grateful if you gave me a code.

Thank you

Whats your email address? and full name?

Can we remind members not to share personal details in the forum but to use private messaging. Here's how to do that

Thanks for getting back to me. I've sent you a friend request, it won't let me send a message until you accept it.

send me emails and full names for codes

We're checking with the poster about the need to send email addresses. In the meantime we suggest that no member sends their email address.



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