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Does anybody know what just happened. I heard a guy screening outside my door. Went outside and police already there with him. Guy shouting he had been robbed and they took his money then he and the policeman sprinted off down the road!?

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When i returned home tonight to Fairfax Road around midnight i saw my driver side window smashed, glass everywhere and my mums blue badge was stolen from the dashboard. it could be the same assailant(s) that robbed this guy. They were probably out doing a robbing session? happened between 8:30pm-12:00am.

Mr G. If your mum's a Haringey resident why not get her the companion badge. My father's badge had been stolen from his car and when applying for a new blue badge they advised him to get the companion badge. Like a permit and lasts for the three years the blue badge does. Means that she doesn't need to leave her blue badge in the car overnight.

Milly. How does this work ? Is there something about the companion badge that makes it useless to a thief ?

Yes, it has the vehicle registration number on it (like a standard resident's permit) so it's not transferrable to another car. The idea is that you can use it when parked at home (so the blue badge doesn't need to be kept in the car overnight). 

Yes. Like Malc says. Like a normal permit and has the number plate on the permit with Companion Badge on it. Last for the same period as blue badge and use to be £20. But this fee was a few years back.

Thanks. That seems sensible

Yes I heard him, he was extremely upset sprinting up the road about 10 pm but I have no further info.



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