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#growwilduk in Harringay - Mattison planters put on a show

In 2014, we set a wild flower bed in the Mattison planters using the free seeds from Grow Wild UK. This is the third growing season and the beds are looking pretty good with a strong showing from red campion, below,

and knapweed, which are both popular plants with pollinators.

We also sowed forget-me-nots which have put on an amazing spring show this year.

Wildflower beds are, surprisingly perhaps, quite difficult to establish so it's pleasing to see the progress made to make a self-sustaining wildflower bed. 

Just coming up in the left hand of the picture, you can see the bears breeches or acanthus (a plant generally considered by historians to have been the design inspiration for the Corinthian order capitals of Greco-Roman architecture) ready to do its thing. 

You will also see red valerian, a plant found in gardens since ancient times when it graced the gardens of the Mediterranean, and was (and still is) prized both for its attractive flowers, which attract pollinators, and the fact it is edible although I haven't ever tried it and apparently it's debatable whether it makes good eating. 

Don't forget to have a look and see if you can spot these plants when you pass by on your way down the Harringay Passage.

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That 's the herb valerian which is white or pink and although of the same species not related closely to red valerian. Red valerian has no medicinal value.



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