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Has anyone had a Green Roof installed in the area?  I'm wanting to install a Green Roof on the flat roof of a ladder property, and wondered if anyone had any recommendations of companies to contact for a quote?

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I haven't, but I'm also interested!

Me too


I have done substantial research into green roofs, I have mine all ready to hopefully install the growing medium and sedum in the next few weeks.

feel free to contact me if you want any info or want to evaluate the options.

That would be awesome, I'll drop you a pm

Hi, we also have a green roof. After a lot of research we selected Lee Evans at Organic Roofs. More than welcome for you to come and have a look.   www.organicroofs.co.uk

Great, that's the company we've contacted so far, and are awaiting a quote.  Coming to see one would be amazing, I'll sent you a pm

An important consideration for the installation of a green roof is to ensure the structural support is sufficient in relation to both area to be covered and typology of green roof.  



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