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Can anyone remember the Green Line Bus route.  Did it go to Southend or Clacton?.  Was it operating in the war years?

Thank you for your replies.


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There was a Green Line bus route 725 which passed through Wood Green on its long journey from Guildford to Hertford. It didn't run during the war.

However, you may instead be thinking of bus route 251 which started from a depot in Wood Green by Lordship Lane and ran to Southend - by the 1950s the buses had a green livery. This was completely separate from London Transport.  There's a very long thread on here which has a fair amount about it - here's a link.

This history of the route [link] indicates it did run during the war.

I believe it was the 715 that ran from Hertford to Guildford, it used to stop at around every third bus-stop that had a duel red/green flag sign. When I was a kid the buses were green routemasters with concertina doors. Yes, the eastern national ran to Southend from the 'On the Buses' garage on Lordship Lane (now gone).

Read here - captions to pics for Fig. 29 on + the discussion following the article.

We must be getting near getting a credit in your book! :0)

Yes,  Hugh I'll that keep it in mind....  Thank you to everyone -  more questions to come....

There used to be a green Eastern Counties route that went from Turnpike Lane or Wood Green to Southend - I think it was numbered 401.

I remember it going to Clacton.

When I was about 11 (1967) we would often get a Red Rover ticket or the Tube equivalent back then and spend the day travelling all over the place. As we grew bolder we found out we could get a Green Rover ticket and go to Southend. We gave it a go and it was the longest day of my young life back then, My parents were worried sick and needless to say we didn't do it again.

I did things like that, Andrew.  It's only now I realise how worried my mum must have been when I disappeared.  On the other hand, life was much safer on the street in those days.  Wouldn't do it now.

I can't speak for this area, as I grew up in Surrey, but I remember a Green Line coach service between Heathrow and Gatwick once the M25 was built - it was the 747!

Remember 715 (originating from Guildford) running through Holloway, Finsbury Park, Wood Green etc. on its way to Hertford. The 251 was an Eastern Counties green-liveried bus route from Wood Green (Lordship Lane garage) to Southend via. Romford.

I took a Green Line to Southend once from Tottenham Hale. It was the worst and most uncomfortable journey I ever made. 

Oh had you no sense of adventure, Richard?

Sliding bumping and grinding interminably, with a long stop at Brentwood, made very subsequent jouney elsewhere seem like a doddle ;-)



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