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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Tim Anderson, who lives at the Turnpike Lane end of Green Lanes is interviewed in the Haringey Indy here

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really looking forward to this year's festival. The last one took place about a week before we moved to the area!
Thanks all for the info. I like it already!
Maybe he can take over the empty building on the corner of Green Lanes and Turnpike lane....or has someone already snapped it up to be a betting shop....

Can I invite myself around his house for dinner?

Well, perhaps not yet.  Congratulations Tim.

Did they film him around Turnpike lane for the 'let's meet family and friends'? thought it was trendy parts of east london? Turnpike lane was shown in ross kemp documentary a few weeks ago about sex trafficking, the thai sauna near the station told him they were offered girls for £5k.
And he's not on HoL. Huh! Some people really think they have a life.



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