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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Tim Anderson, who lives at the Turnpike Lane end of Green Lanes is interviewed in the Haringey Indy here

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Maybe we should suggest to Tim that we would be very supportive of him opening a restaurant in the area. I think HarringayOnline is really working very hard to support local businesses and he needs to know this.

Tim, are you a member of this community? 




Thanks Alice.
Why do you say that?  How do you know what food he'd cook?  There's definitely an appetite (!) for more and different restaurants around here...

I think the article said he wanted to cook Japanese food ?


“Then I'll be ready to open a restaurant that focuses on the cuisine of southern Japan

Congrats Tim!


He also says 'The big, silly, long term goal is to have an empire, hopefully including several regional Japanese restaurants and an American-style brewpub'

There's a good use for the Queen's Head?

What a legend - his food was really imaginative, and he totally deserved to win.
how aboout suggesting he takes a stall at the Green Lanes festival later this summer? I'd pay good money to try some of his food - and I know one or two people who would too!

Sounds like a good plan. Only moved to Turnpike Lane a few months ago, what's the Green Lanes festival then?

It's a local food festival.  They close the roads, the restaurants serve their food from stalls and there's a little local music.  I particularly enjoyed the local girls' school brass band, who were a blast (excuse the pun). Last year the weather was great so it all went rather well (seee local newspaper articlae link below)




Ehm, 'Harringay Green Lanes Festival'. Learn more at harringayfoodfestival.com

We also have a whole area of the site dedicated to it in the Harringay Festival Group with information both on the festival 2 years ago and the planned festival in September on the 18th. 

The plan is to have two stages this year with lots of local bands, a bigger children's area and lots more community space although we will have lots of food stalls both from local businesses and some further afield. 

More information will be made available as we get it. At the moment, the dull logistics stuff like road closures and safety are being sorted but by mid-May, we should get lots more info.

You'll also find a gallery of photos from the 2009 event here and three albums of photos on the site on this page



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