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What is the story with the new super tall double set of traffic lights on GL? I have seen the temp ones for some time, but why were the old ones changed (what with all this austerity and all)?

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Where on GL, Justin?
I think they are at the paul simon crossing. very odd?
This is where the elderly gentleman was knocked down by a lorry and killed. The extra set of high lights are a further precaution to inform traffic of that very busy pedestrain crossing.
Well yes, as I suspected at the time, the Lorry ran a red light.

So dead man and severely financially handicapped council have to fork out for new lights all because someone didn't take their job seriously. Nice.
The elderly man was knocked down near Yasar Halim,RIP.Even with the new and higher traffic lights the cars still go through red lights.Maybe they should put a camera on them.
So do buses.
From a personal perspective it's good for two wheeled transport that go down either side of the traffic but cannot see the normal height lights who often ride straight through whilst on red.
They are opposite Paul Simon, not Yasha, where the guy was run down last year. I was walking down GL today and sure they were really visible, but with traffice grinding along I was not sure that you needed 150m or notice that the lights had changed. It seems to me that you have a bigger problem with people trying to get across the lights before they change so they can make sure they get to grind 25m further up GL as opposed to wait- certainly this seems to be the case from my 2 forays across GL this afternoon.
and cyclists.
Yes I've seen a lot bicycles going through red pedestrian lights. I've almost been hit by a bike twice, once on a Zebra and once on a pedestrian crossing which was on red (for the traffic, green for the pedestrians). Luckily I saw them in time and I stopped - they didn't.

GL seems to be a magnet for bad drivers, far too much traffic forced along this stretch of road. Too many cars doing 3 point turns when they've finished their shopping.



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