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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Green Lanes blocked in both directions around Effingham. Lots of blue lights and ambulances. Not clear what happened but it does not look good. 

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Don't think anyone was hurt. Looks like a front on collision with a Serco Van.  Given the level of helicopter and police presence - something going on.  Its like a Guy Ritchie movie out there!

Oh dear, our Berlin correspondent won't like these photos.

Thanks Justin, was caught in the traffic for ages earlier and wondered why. 

But please be careful though, we might get that prize pillock saying you shouldn't take a picture of any car crashe scene as where he lives (Germany) you'd get in trouble as it's not fair in case someone was injured, breach of their rights, blah blah, etc.. (ffs)

Ooh yes, just think of the poor driver, minding his own business driving within the speed limit (natch) and just manages to hit a security van front on in broad daylight.  Thankfully it wasn't a tree.

Was it Cash or Prisoners ?

Surprised Car Air Bag did no go off 

I was walking up Green Lanes just on the other side of the road when this accident happened, didn’t see why the car was in the wrong lane but the kid driving was obviously in shock afterwards -  white as a sheet. Thankfully neither he or anyone else seemed to be injured.p

It looks like there was no malicious intent then after all. Wonder how he got on the wrong side of the road, easy to see someone drifting and clipping an oncoming vehicle, but to pretty much go head to head is odd. 



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