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Hi everyone. 
Does anyone know what’s happening to the Green Gate pub on West Green Road? Pub renovation? Restaurant?

Thanks a lot

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Yes, that was the previous position (although it was pretty obvious it was more than cosmetic so they obviously didn't bother actually looking at it).

They've finally caught on now and the case is currently open.

Any further updates on this?

So this now does at least have the words “FREE HOUSE” in massive writing. Anyone have anymore info - opening plans - type of pub etc.

Walked passed here a few times and it looks like a pub is coming back..  


Does anyone know if this has reopened yet? Saw lights on when I went down green lanes on the bus earlier.

Work's still happening but it still looked like it need to be finished off when I went past last week. The beer garden is still full of building stuff.

Thanks Andrew - just popped past and took a few photos it looks nearly ready inside 

So this seems open. Anyone been in?

Is this shut again? Don't think I've seen it open whenever I've passed by in the last month or so.

In the brief spell whilst it was open it never seemed to have many customers. I suspect it's slower to attract a new customer base for a sports and pints pub than it is for craft ale and food place.

The harsh reality is the gentrification means a craft ale and food place could make a go of it. No longer a place selling carling for £4. Hopefully someone turns it around like The Palm. 



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