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It baffles me how the Greek orthodox church doesn't get heaps of complaints for having loud events in such a residential area.  They regularly host parties and events in the church hall that go way past an appropriate hour and the music is so loud.  I am amazed no one else is bothered by it.

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The parking on Wightman Rd is awful can’t believe they don’t lose a wing mirror or have the sides scratched to bits.

Have you spoken to them about it ? Or called Haringey noise abatement ?

Hi John 

i have communicated directly with the church several times and they even had a letter from the council once but they don’t seem to want to make it work so ended up feeling it was a waste of time 

they just seem to get away with it

Don't see what more you can do except perhaps rally support from your neighbours to keep pressure on the Noise people. Good luck.

They were also instrumental in the campaign last year to discredit the work of the Living Wightman group.


Yes. We have endured the thump-thump-thump of wedding music late into the night all through the years when our kid was not a great sleeper ... But what pissed me off the most was when the priest there decided to walk into our house unannounced to have a look around when we were renovating. I was working upstairs, the builders were going in and out as builders do, then I happen to come out of the room and see a man I did not know standing in my house looking around. It was terrifying. And he had the nerve to say, patronisingly, "Nothing to worry about! I'm just the priest from the church!" as if I was stupid to not know that, and everyone should trust 'priests' from 'the church' who think it's appropriate to wander into other people's houses without knocking.

I think what needs to be remembered is that the "Greek Church" was there ling before you. The Cypriots made this neighbourhood long before it was sort after

That doesn’t mean they can’t be a responsible respectful neighbour still @carolinefurguson

Ferguson. And maybe being a respectful neighbour means respecting the culture that was there before you. Just saying.

That argument doesn’t wash Caroline.  I’ve lived on Warham Road since 1984 but that doesn’t give me the right to cause nuisance to my neighbours who moved to the street after I did.

Don't quite see the relevance of this. The building was originally an Anglican church dedicated to St Peter. Times change and life moves on.



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