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There were a number of comments on this post and others about the low support for the Haringey Friends petition on cuts to spending on parks. So I made a short call to Ian Christie at eht Council and just had this very positive response this morning.


Further to your enquiry, we have removed the requirement to register before submitting an online petition on the Council website, and have created  a short url linking to the ePetitions page to help promote petitions: www.haringey.gov.uk/epetitions
We would prefer residents to use the system on our website, as is stipulated in the legislation around the Duty to Respond to Petitions. This allows us to ensure that security arrangements for submissions of e-petitions are consistent and, for example, that names are not being added automatically by a computer.
Yours sincerely
Ian Christie
Feedback and Information Manager 
020 8489 2557

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Great stuff! That will make a huge difference :)
E-petitions will be a waste of time if the council repeatedly fails to respond to major problems.
Great - good to hear.

....and another very helpful response from Ian Christie following some further comments from Dave Morris and I:


Dear Dave and Hugh,
Thank you for your feedback. We’ve made some further improvements following your latest comments and I hope these will improve the usability of the site:

  1. We’ve added explanatory text around signing petitions
  2. We’ve added text at the bottom of the page explaining what happens when you press continue.
  3. We’ve resolved the search problem.
  4. Some of the other problems relate to the standard template of the system which we cannot change – for example we can’t add a go back button or change the ‘county’ box in the address form (however we will request both as a development)
  5. We can’t do anything about the long url for individual petitions I’m afraid but hopefully the short url we created for the main page should help.

We have done our best to respond to the issues you’ve raised where we have the ability to amend the petitions system. It is worth noting however that the system we chose was informed by the financial constraints that we face at present and a desire to achieve the best value for money for residents – however this does, in some cases, limit its configurability. We will of course continue to listen to suggestions and will endeavour to make improvements where we can.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards,



Ian Christie
Feedback and Information Manager, Haringey Council
Tel: 020 8489 2557

It seems like Mr Christie is one of Haringey Council's treasures. I can only wish that the Council was always this collaborative and responsive.

The requirement to register has been re-introduced. I think there are other flaws in the epetition system to do with the visibility of signatories, and the information provided on how this can be managed. I'm also disappointed by the arbitrary and unhelpful dismissal of my petition.



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