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Great Northern Railway Tavern Hornsey High St - it's been refurbed.. And is ACE go visit!

I went for a pint at the GNRT last night - mainly cos it was the nearest pub to Hornsey rail station - and it was the most wonderful pub!!!

I've been intrigued for a while due to lovely building and long, rail-related name but wasn't expecting much as it has had a reputation for being an 'old man pub' (no direct offence to old men intended).

It was just stunning and the most wicked pub. There was a fire burning (who'd have thought that would be a welcome sight in MAY, but hey-ho), games, they've got a garden on the go which will be furnished for use when we get a summertime, good choice of lager and none of the nasty crap Fosters/carslberg etc, and a simple menu that looks worth a go though I'll have to eat there another time. They do free gigs, there's wi-fi and the staff were friendly.

When I aske dthe barman explained that the building was refurbed a year ago but that they've only bee running it for the last 2 months. So maybe this is common knowledge but I wanted to make sure becuase the good people of Harringay should be supporting this venture.

Needless to say the building has been beautifually restored, has a glass ceiling to rival the Salisbury, lickable wooden floors and just the right amount of furniture in there to seat lots of people but not overcrowd.

As this weekend is set to be a wash-out, why not go check it out it deserves your custom!

They're on Twitter.



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We should all rush there asap to support it- we lost one pub nearby to a furniture shop and a club in Crouch End to flats probably so dont want another one going down the pan. I didnt know about this pub till now and when I get the chance will be going along. I'm not bothered about real ales all lined up, just a glass or two of bog standard lager will suit me and in a fine old building, even better. And a fire (even in summer, a nice sight..)

Thanks HOL for letting us know about this. 

What! You mean you missed my photos from a year ago?

Hi thanks for the back ground info and update. Excellent move & choice changing those lagers. I'm sure with all these changes you'll establish a good reputation. You forgot one important detail ... your name!

Thanks for this, and for all of your effort.  I'll be along on the next fine weekend to check out your beer garden...

As for the astronomical Sky TV prices for pubs showing football, now that the European Court of Justice has concluded that Sky's monopoly breaches EU Free Movement law, there are other options, e.g. http://www.satellite4pubs.co.uk/ (not an endorsement of this crowd, but an e.g. of the options which are out there now). 

Thanks Tony for your great hospitality when I visited the pub last night with my visitor from Canada. It's a beautiful pub, all those gorgeous features are impressive and beauitufully retained.

Service was brilliant and I can see that you are all trying very hard to make this place a great pub for local people- I wish you every success. We enjoyed our veggie lasagne. For me, I don't need a huge menu with loads of stuff- a few decent dishes suffices. And home made is best made... no frozen food- brilliant. I could get addicted to your garlic bread... I'd stopped eating it but yours was soft and tasty.

I am looking forward to the beer garden opening. Took the bus up last night as it was a chilly evening (it did feel a tad cool in the pub whenever someone came in and door opened!) When it's warmer, it will be a walk along Wightman to reach you, it's not that far. I shall definitely put this place on my list of places to meet friends. Next time will try the wines.. See you again and hopefully HoL people will come flocking. 

Hello.I'm very encouraged by this.I hope to drop by soon - and it may well be very soon indeed - to take advantage of your (nicely finished( garden.


Sorry Matt, you're right, my name is Tony Lennon.

Looking forward to sampling your ales, lagers and food very soon! But are customers now allowed to bring their dogs into the pub? This could be a deciding factor as to frequency of visits. Also, what are your opening hours? Every time we've tried to go, the pub has been shut (although the last couple of times might have coincided with the 3 week closure). But don't give up! It sounds like great things are happening and we need more local pubs in the area

Great stuff. After doing such a lovely job on the restoration front (anything, but bland and generic, by the way), it seemed weird that they didn't put any/much thought into selling anything that actually tasted nice. And for that reason, we carried on drinking in the Compasses or Salisbury. Sitting drinking Greene King IPA in a large, empty pub wasn't the best of fun.

We'll be along sometime this week to see how things are shaping up and fingers crossed you can get through a difficult few months and get the pub running exactly as you want. You've got a lovely looking pub, an outside area, and with plans to sell something out that Fosters and Greene King, I'm sure you'll do well. All sounds very promising.

I've always had a very soft spot for this pub, though am afraid I haven't been there for years. I'll definately visit now though, it sounds great.

Families and Pets are welcome. Sunday roasts are now fully operational too. But please bear in mind we still have a long way to go and you may pop in to a very quiet pub, especially day times. But keep the faith, I have. With your help I can make this place all it can be. Pub Quiz starts on the 16th may at 8ish. I'm using the same guy who does the Maynard pub quiz as he is very funny and entertaining. This would be a good night to see you all.  Tony

We were in last night and came away really, really hoping that business picks up soon, because this has the potential to be a great pub; all it needs is punters! The ale/lagers we tried were all in excellent condition and the food was very good as well. Prices were very reasonable for both drinks and food and we’ll definitely be back to try out the roasts. Music was generally good – Beach Boys, Talking Heads, Saint Etienne etc – but did occasionally veer into ‘Top Shop’ territory, which somehow seemed a bit of out keeping.

If we hadn’t seen this thread on here, we’d have assumed that it was still being mismanaged by the previous incumbents and continued to ignore it in favour of other options – which I would imagine is the case with most people in the area. Not sure what they can do to entice people in en masse, but as I said before, this is potentially a fantastic pub and I hope enough people find their way there because this isn’t an area overly blessed with quality boozers.




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