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Anyone heard of/used this charming "studio hotel" at 45 Grand Parade, as advertised on Pictures of England.com  (Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England).

Looks quite nice, it also has a website

Oh wait, collect your keys from 657 Green lanes, N8 OQY which is our old friend Athena Palace

Is it legit do you think?


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That Athena guy makes me laugh. His latest is 'lessons in belly dancing' advertised in chalk on a black board out on the pavement. Kinda reminds me of a darker version of Homer Simpson; all those whacky ideas!

Well, back in October 657 was last heard of up for auction by the receivers but not sold for some reason. Has there been any more news on this? The headings of the Tripadvisor reviews (http://tinyurl.com/6hrka62) get progressively more entertaining, but there are none after November.

Tripadvisor has one review of 45 Grand Parade and that's in Italian (http://tinyurl.com/6lfdnse) and, when viewed in approximate translation via Babelfish, seems fairly positive about the area ("To 50 meters from the house a splendid Turkish furnace where found bread, salati, peasant and sweet many bonds to the lowest prices") if not entirely so about the room ("The washbasin is much little one").

I won't translate the whole thing but the review is pretty good, it says it's clean and well kept with hot water in the bathroom (but basin too small), helpful receptionist staff (which is however quite a distance away), wireless connection, good for saving money because of the presence of a kitchenette, and located in an interesting and well connected neighbourhood, etc. 

Of course this may also be a bit relative and to be seen in context, as I hear a lot of young Italians who come to London to look for work end up in appalling accomodation initially. 

Of course it's not legit. Don't you need some kind of a license to run a hotel? This guy would not know legit if it came and bit him on the a**.
My freind Legit has never bit anyone's arse, and when I asked him about it, he threatened to sue anyone saying he does!
Pointless Adrian, as this guy would not know if your mate bit him anyway.
Anette you missed a subtle and witty joke (well, it would have been in Australia).
quite possibly. Blonde. You know. Wasn't funny tho.
Wow I've only just read the reviews on Tripadvisor. The worst one was in Italian actually - I won't repeat what it said but it sounds like the hotel is seriously filthy. But I don't know what other background you guys have to say the business is not legitimate. Obviously you've discussed this issue before.
You can click through to reviews of all our local hotels from our local hotels page. The story doesn't really get much better within Harringay itself.

I'm not sure if hotels have to be specifically licenced, do they?


I'm pretty sure that they need specific planning permission.



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