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Dear all, I am came across a boy of around 16 tagging the Telephone exchange box at the top of Hewitt Road this morning while walking mine to school. Broad daylight, so I told him to stop and asked him what he was doing etc. I took his photo and a photo of his 'tag' as it is all over the area at the moment. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to take further action. I would put his photo up here but I'm sure that is probably not allowed.

I think opening a Police report/event would be pointless so I'm looking how to be a good citizen and any advise would be welcome

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Well done for not just walking by. You can report antisocial behaviour to Haringey


Thanks Michael, I will certainly do this. He was just a kid really but he said he lived in Crouchend and was surprisingly mild mannered and polite it just seems he comes across the railway lines to make a mess of our area, little shit!!

Perhaps the Safer Neighbourhood Team can advise...

Well done!

how did they respond?



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