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Does anyone have any idea when this line will reopen? I've searched high and low and the best I got was "February 2017" if anyone has a specific date please let me know. It's adding an hour to my daily journey time having to get the tube everyday, not to mention having to buy an extra zone on my travelcard.

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Could you take the overground from Harringay to Highbury & Islington and change onto the Overground there? That way you stay in zone 2. Depends where you're heading, of course.

Unfortunately Harringay is zone 3.

I meant you don't have to pass through Zone 1, which you do on the Tube.

That's brilliant.  Worth knowing (if you don't already) that a 1-2 tube pass allows you to use buses in any zone.  I get the bus to Manor House and then I can pick up the tube in Zone 2

Why it's taking so long - look how major a project this is:

Thanks for that Pam, details in there I hadn't seen before. Is it from an engineering company house journal?

I'm embarrassed to have not credited it as I get very exercised about anon web postings - but when i tried to find a link to the original site i cant find it.  It's from a railway magazine but they dont put their name on the edges. Rail monthly? I did get the link originally from here so a summertime HoL post may find it.  (Goes off to have a look...)   I had to read it through issu, where you get a virtual copy of the mag and 'turn' pages.

Got it.  https://issuu.com/railmedia/docs/tre-september-2016  pp22-27

Rail Engineer - Issue 143 - September 2016 

Thanks for delving, Pam.

A word of warning. People are going to get really upset when they discover that, after all this work, they will still be stuck with the same two-car diesels they had before. The new electric trains are not due to be delivered before next year.

I remember reading somewhere that 4-car diesel units will sit idly somewhere but won't be deployed because of difficulties over contracts for short term use. If we just had one rail organisation, let's call it, say, 'British Rail', then it would be no more complicated than driving them from where they are idle to where they are needed. And surely somewhere else in Britain there is a need for the 2-car diesel units we'll still be stuck with?

But no. Rail system fragmentation rules. Thanks a bundle, John Major, for this. At least with Brexit we might be allowed renationalisation. Over to you, Jeremy Corbyn. Be bold.

The 'greener' irony is that they're 4-car electric trains built 1980, soon to be displaced by new Crossrail stock, and TfL wants an 'all-new' launch for presentational reasons, as well as the short-term contract reason.

And yes, the current trains will be reused, probably by Chiltern who have some identical units already.



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