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hello all

i remember talk on this Forum of an excellent vet but i can't remember what they were called and it doesn't come up in the search for previous discussions. The discussion was definitely last year.

Can anyone pls remind me?



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We have been with Zasman in Crouch End for years, there is one in Stroud Green as well. They have always been very good. zasmanvet.co.uk

Zazman stick their arm in you imho. We moved from there to Mrs Hill on Park Road. This was the recent post on them... ...with which I agree.

It’s a short drive but I use Amwell Surgery in Angel. Local and lovely husband and wife team. Dale, the vet, is an animal whisperer I swear. 

Hill’s Vet is the best.

Goddards in Bruce Grove are pretty good - really friendly staff and very good service. They let me bring in my cat as an emergency even though they were closing one time, and I was so grateful as he turned out to need urgent antibiotics! They are not the cheapest, I should stress - however they do go above and beyond and you get far better pre-and-post op briefing than I've had from other vets. 

thank you all! Much appreciated

I recommended the new branch of Zasman on Philip Lane last year. It's just next to Harris Academy.

 Blimey!  Times must be hard if the vets are having to do car valeting on the side



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