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I really need to have my highlights re-done. I usually go home (Newcastle) to the person who has been doing my hair since I was 14 but don't have time at the moment. Any recommendations?

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I tried to make a follow up appointment with Ali yesterday to get my highlights touched up and was told he was on holiday without any information about when he will be back. So guess I'm back to the drawing board. Heard good things about Martha on here - is she still at the same salon? Thanks all

I thought I'd try Ali I was told he was away and that was about a month ago and clearly still is. Luckily, Marta is still in her salon and I booked my second appt with her a few weeks back. Happy with my colour and my cut! So, I'd fully recommend her. 

No seems the receptionist had no idea when he would be back, which is really disappointing. But good that I can make an appointment with Marta - my roots are starting to show!

I think that salon isn't going to do very well given they don't know when their main stylist is going to return! Get yourself to Marta Alice, she'll sort you out and say hello from me to her 

Just texted Marta direct (no answer at the salon for 2 days now) and she says she only done home visits. Agreed she is coming on Saturday. Little worried as I have never had my hair done at home before - has anyone else had this experience and if so please reassure me it is OK!!!

Things change quickly, I was at the salon only 3 weeks ago with her. I think she no longer runs the salon but someone else.

I'm sure it's fine to have done at home. I've had mine done by other hairdressers at home a few times, you just need to use your own sink etc. They bring all the equipment. Let me know how it goes. 

I thought long and hard about writing this review but thought I should since I use this website for local reviews and believe in giving honest feedback so others can make their own minds up. I had my hair done by Marta last week and wasn't happy with the cut at all. I went straight out to Mehmet's on Green Lanes who was very sweet and fixed it for me.

I realise lots of people have had good experiences with Martha so anyone reading this should take it all in the round. But I will not be going back - if Ali doesn't come back then I'll be at Mehmet's!

Thanks for this feedback Alice. I think it's for the best that we share negative as well as postive experiences. Much appreciated. Which place is Mehmet's on Green Lanes? Just in case.... 

I am absolutely delighted I found Martha again I went to her house. she has little ,,hair studio,, in Haringey ,
she cut and colour my hair today!
She listens she advise as always and she made me feel at home .
She's a very talented professional hair master !
, little gem in Haringay !
I would recommend her to absolutely anyone
You can contact her on
Or on 07720858881
Hey everyone Martha it's working now at Blowdry Bar Beauty works in crouch end 02083428607!!!!! :)



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