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Is anyone able to recommend a quality shoe repair place in the Harringay area? I looked in the archives and this question was asked but not recently so just wanted to see if anyone has a current recommendations. I saw that Timpson at Sainsbury's does shoe repair but upon researching it looks like they're not very reliable and overcharge. Thanks for any info!

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Thanks Ricky! 

I've used Callis in Crouch End for many years. They've done a variety of repairs including bringing some thoroughly worn boots back to life. I've no connection to them!


Thank you Maggie 

Callis every time. And I think they do local pick-up too.

Zephyr dry cleaners will send them off to be done for you if you want somewhere local you can drop off and pick up: https://www.yell.com/biz/zephyr-dry-cleaners-london-395623/ 

Callis is not cheap, but they are nice, a family business, do a good job, and have a deal where something like every 4th or 5th (can't remember exactly) shoe repair is carried out free of charge.  Also, once they know you they'll do all sorts of stuff for free.  They are also a good locksmith.  I consider myself fortunate to live less than a minute away from them.



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