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I am looking for a good hair colourist in green lanes area as I have never colour my hair in a salon and don't know anyone good around. Not too expensive would be an advantage. can anyone recommend please??

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Just had my hair coloured (red) at Coco on Green Lanes by Ozgur. I don't think its expensive and he's also an excellent hairdresser. 

I go to Ozgur at Coco too, they have an offer on at the moment for cut, colour and treatment for £50 all inc.

Wow, the price is right!

Anyone had experience with blond highlights / foils there? Or elsewhere?

Avalon in Weston Park offers reductions on Tuesdays anbd Wednesdays. I find them good enough, they do exactly what you ask.

Avalon is good - I get my highlights done there and it's probably not as cheap as green lanes but cheaper than crouch end proper.

Coco is a good salon however the times I've been the language problem has been enough to put me off getting any colouring done there! Was a few years ago though.
I've never found language to be a problem at Coco.

I've only had cuts there not colour but there's no reason why they should be unable to do it as well as anyone else! I believe they have a few branches in London and their hairdressers are properly trained and experienced.
I have my hair coloured there. Ozzie is a man of few words but knows how to do colour. He advised on best choice and did the application. I've had lots of compliments on it. I also have my hair cut by him. I like short hair and he's excellent -no faffing about either. He also cut my 10 yr olds long locks and she was very pleased. All the staff there speak English and like Lauren I've not had a problem. I'm quite fussy about hair salons and I'm more than happy with Coco

I might try Avalon at Weston Park this week. £60 for a half-head of highlights, plus you get a 20% discount for Tuesdays and Wednesday bringing it down to £48 - sounds really good. Will report back with my findings! :)


Won't you have to go back though and get the other half done?

Ha! Just a skunk stripe, please :)

i went to COCO they said its gonna cost me at least £80 more likely more than £100. Is I need to go lighter and have some red and ginger undertones, have colour build up. its gonna take at least 2 hours to change colour. is this price correct do you think?? can I do cheaper somewhere??

Okay! I have a review to report back on. :)

I went to Avalon in Crouch End this afternoon. I had a stylist called Thea and she was great - I'd recommend her in a heartbeat. She was really friendly and helpful, did a consultation with me first to be sure of exactly what I wanted. She even recommended a less expensive option - to do a half head of highlights with a couple of extra around the nape of my neck which will show when I pull it back in a ponytail, rather than paying for a full head. I'm always impressed when people suggest cheaper options to you! :) 

So I had blond highlights put in to cover my roots and they're perfect - natural, even colour, and she used a combination of a lighter and darker shade to perfectly blend in to my existing colour. 

I went today to take advantage of their 20% off deal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so was very happy with the price. 56 pounds for a job that took about 2.5 hours. And I think it might have been cheaper with other hairstylists who weren't as senior, but not sure about that. While I was in there, I saw people getting heaps of different things (mad bright auburn dye, colour over grey, cuts and updos) and all seemed happy.




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